June 10, 2021 OC Zimbabwe Mission (Simba)

Mushunje and Bazeley Bridge May 31 Report

Summary of Activities for the month of May, 2021:

  • The church yard was thoroughly cleaned by the members
  •  Simbarshe attended the funerals of: Kudakwashe Duma a 15 year old boy who passed away shortly after becoming ill; Ngoni Mwandiambira , A 33 year old man who was poisoned by his wife and Mwashita, an 88 year old grandmother.
  • Simbarshe traveled to Nyakunu church of Christ together with other preachers to confront false brethren and to strengthen the church members.
  • The church began worshiping at the church building even though they do not have a roof (they had been worshiping in a nearby school but were told to leave with no notice)
  • Several members donated materials for the church building roof and other repair and construction projects.

May attendance

Full Report from Brother Simbarshe Gondo

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

The beginning until the end of the month of May it was very cold and the weather has changed greatly. The first week together with the church members we thoroughly cleaned around the church yard. The second week l attended funeral of a young boy who passed away shortly after illness. I went to Nyakunu church of Christ to strengthen the church members together with other preachers. The third week l attended the funeral of a man poisoned by his wife. The fourth week l attended the funeral of a grandmother Mwashita. 

Together with the church members at Bazel we had the same heart. We were busy cleaning the church yard and the whole premises look smart. The church members confessed that they left the Lord's house as we attended our services at a school but the time came without notice to leave the place without choice. We constructed two pillars inside the church building as we divided the other place as a temporary meeting place. We planned to put 15 iron sheets at the moment the Mhukayatadza family donated one sheet and Bro Nyamatore donated 6 as we desperately need 8 to finish the roof. I donated some roofing poles and cement, Bro Mashayamombe donated one bag of cement. After roofing we are going to buy some chairs as people are sitting on the rough floor. My great thanks extended to the church members for the resilience and the acceptance of the situation and liked to worship God inside the open house in difficult times. 

The second week on Tuesday l attended funeral of a boy aged 15 Kudakwashe Duma they are related to the late business man who passed away two months ago. The evil force was around the family to make matters worse the whole family was seriously ill. The boy died after a short illness. They worshiped an Apostolic church. The number of people attended were 800,they stay close to Bazel about 500m away. The family was deeply moved by this incident. 

The second week on Sunday l went to Nyakunu church of Christ including Br and sister Gushakusha, Br and sister Mafusire, Br Makunike, Br Phiri, Br Kairezi. At Nyakunu they were some false brethren who want to take over after the death of Br Taurai Maraire we call them AntiChrist who used money to take the church members and give them hand outs so that they possess the church assets and members after some time they abandoned them and move on to another. We went there to dismiss them as we know them with their works, the church members were thoroughly informed through teaching and they have accepted our advises. I song lead, Br Phiri preached and Br Siwedi was presiding on the Lord's table. We were 45 and the giving was $12usd. 

On the 20th l attended a funeral of a man aged 33Ngoni Mwandiambira who died a painful death after he was poisoned by his wife. No reason towards his death wasn't announced but the wife disappeared after his burial. It was so painful as l comforted the family. 

On the 25th l attended a funeral of a grandmother Mwashita aged 88.She was a humble woman as l saw her during my personal evangelism. People who attended were 650. She was a member of the Anglican church. My presence was greatly appreciated by the community. 

I want to thank you for your support may the Lord bless you and your family. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo