August 01, 2021 Oregon City Church of Christ



Ron Writes

There are many longing for a lasting relationship. One that won’t disappoint or hurt them. Life is easier when you’re not alone. Struggles that are shared are more bearable. For some, previous heartaches hold them back. Here are three things that everyone needs and wants.

First, someone who cares. Someone who knows all about us, all our faults and all our failures, but loves us anyway. It must be someone who loves us unconditionally. One who is consumed with our wellbeing. Someone willing to forgive us of all our pettiness, faultfinding and irritability. We struggle, yes, we fail to be this person, but it’s who we need.

Then, we need someone we can trust. Someone we can believe in. It should be someone we can always call on and know they’ll give us what we need. Someone who won’t give up or run but will lift us up when we’re struggling. Someone willing to lift us above our problems. Someone who is strong when we’re weak.

Finally, it needs to be someone who knows what they’re doing. They know where they’re going. They know what to do next. They have a plan. They’re able to give you direction. You know your future is secure. You might make some wrong turns, but they’ll put you back on the right track.

Do you recognize these three things? Love, faith, and hope. The triad of Christian virtues. Don’t underestimate their power. Don’t dismiss our great desire and need for these. Faith, hope and love. There’s One who wants a relationship with you and will never let you down or desert you. Not only are we looking for these, we must embrace them in ourselves.