August 14, 2021 OC Zimbabwe Mission (Simba)

Mushunje & Bazely Bridge Update July 2021

Mushunje & Bazely Bridge Update July 2021

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

July was cold, the Covid cases increased gathering were not allowed and unnecessary movements. We received some showers of rain as we spent a week and half when the sky was covered with clouds. The first and second week l was working in the garden. The third week l went to Masiyakurima to comfort them for the death of Grandma who followed her husband. We went to the Registration office to apply for our son's birth certificate Leal. I received my first dose injection of Covid 19 vaccine. 

We were not allowed to gather the whole month and to move. Soldiers and the police were staying at Mwandiambira Primary school near Bazel to monitor the movements of people and gatherings. The first and second week l was working in the garden l have some tomatoes and vegetables. 

We spent a week and half when the sky was clouded everyone in the house was affected by flu. We have a neighbor who tested positive to Covid 19 Mrs Hlakama. We feared and maintained social distance now she's feeling well. We are staying with my brother's children Patients 19,Dennis 16,they are helping us a lot with domestic work. 

It was a sharp blow to the Masiyakurima family again as they lost their grandmother before their tears were not dry as they buried their grandfather four weeks ago. She was 82years old. I went to comfort the family as l didn't attended burial because of the raising cases. 

On the 28th together with my wife we went to the registration office about 10km east of Bazel to apply Leal's birth certificate. He was registered after two weeks it is ready for collection. The same day l went to our nearby clinic as l received my first dose of Covid 19 vaccine, the second injection is on the 11th August. Our prayer is freedom against this disease as we are restricted in everything. We ask God to help us as many lost their lives in June and July. 

Our chicken project are doing great as we faced some challenges this cold season. The birds were struggling to grow as we lost 15birds out of 100. We learned a lot l think next time we will be fully equipped. 

I am happy with sister Masere as she was phoning me day after day about church gathering as she was restored in this Covid restrictions. I was worried about her back sliding. I remember the death of her husband in Chimanimani as l accompany her to bury him all the rains fell until my clothes was wet after that she back sliding. It touched me a lot but she returned to the Lord it is my prayer to remain faithful. 

Every Sunday l was teaching my kids and we are attending church service as we invited Mandianike family and Mhukayatadza family for worship as we stay close to each other. Our attendance is 12-15. 

I want to thank you for the support you gave to us may the love of God kindly protect your family. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo