August 14, 2021 OC Zimbabwe Mission (Nhamo)

July 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther Mumba

July 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther Mumba

Dear Brethren

Greetings to you in Jesus name. We send our love to all the brothers and sisters at Oregon City.

July was one of the coldest month ever. On the the 3rd of July, 2021 the country was hit by strong frost. More fruit trees, vegetables and other trees in the bush were left dry. The Covid-19 cases and deaths were greatly so high. As I write this report the weather is now getting warmer

Above all we want to continue giving thanks to our dear Lord for his divine protection. The coronavirus war is still on.


We never went out for door to door knocking the whole month due to lockdown. We had lots of chats on the whatsapp with our members as well with our prospects. The Lord blessed us daily with multiple significant conversation with our members. Many of them are in great need of encouragement during this difficult time.


Since we are not being allowed to meet for Sunday worship services due to Covid, every Sunday we met as family for worship. Then i had also to send all our members a sermon every Sunday through Sms (text) as well as whatsapp. On the third Sunday i spoke on Biblical financial principles. I also talked about other aspects of family life and home management. Iam happy to say that many who received my sermon and teachings were greatly blessed.


On the 4th week we visited one of our long friend at his home place. We were the recipients of loving and abundantly generous hospitality as our host gave up their bed for us and made sure we never felt hunger pains and opened up their hearts and lives to us. While there, brother Donald and his wife took us to a rock hill where we spent the whole day praying and fasting. We had time to pray for our nation, our government leaders, for you our supporters as well as the current troubling Covid-19. When we returned back home from our dear friends we really felt so much encouraged.


On the 23rd of July ,2021 we had a nighty prayer at our home with two couples. What I noticed is that the church is doing well spiritually. Please pray that all our members may continue to remain faithfully despite all the challenges which the entire world is facing.


Brethren, i want to thank you all for your prayers for my wife Esther. In my June report,2021 i reported that my wife suffered a minor stroke. She is getting much better though still struggling to uplift up her right leg. Lastly we want to thank you for your prayers and unwavering support. Without your support and love, our work and life as a family could be so hard. May the Lord be with you all.

In Christian love.

Nhamo and Esther Mumba