August 21, 2021 Ron

The Old Young Earth

The Old Young Earth

Ron Writes

Every year I’m asked how old I think the earth is. My typical answer is “I don’t know,” but there’s a caveat. How old do you think Adam was when God created him? Of course, he was one day old, but I seriously doubt that he was an infant or a toddler. How old did he look? If you saw Adam on the day that he was created how old would you guess him to be? In my mind I see him as a twenty- or thirty-year-old man.

God created the universe that displayed age on day one. The Bible speaks of full-grown animals and birds and sea creatures that certainly didn’t look a day old when they were created. Genesis speaks of God creating fruit trees bearing fruit. A full-grown earth could have been created already containing the vast petroleum reserves that appear to be millions of years old. A loving Creator would have planned for everything we might need. This is much easier to believe than something coming from nothing and slowly, randomly changing over endless ages to become what we have today.

From the theologian James Ussher’s calculation that creation happened in 4004 B.C. to the evolutionist’s claim that the earth is over 4 billion years old, there’s the realization that both could be right, although it’s more likely that both are wrong. The Bible doesn’t tell us the age of the earth. It tells us of a God who in His wisdom and love created the heavens and the earth and placed us here as intelligent, rational beings capable of seeing, hearing, and talking and most importantly able to have a relationship with our Creator.