September 04, 2021 OC Zimbabwe Mission (Nhamo)

August 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther

August 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther

Dear Brethren

We greet you all in the name of Jesus. We hope our report finds you all in good health. We are now in summer season and we do expect a great decline for Covid-19 cases. 


Despite all the challenges that came with the Covid-19 pandemic,we are thankful to report that July and August were the most worsest difficult months. Covid cases were extremely high as well as deaths. We witnessed some of our fellow preachers succumbed to Covid-19. We failed to fulfill some of our activities as a church. Because of this on going Covid-19, all our ministries are greatly impacted. My wife and i will remain faithful in continuing to serve our poor community and church families despite all the challenges which are being presented by Covid-19. Because of this extra hard work, we continue giving thanks to our dear Lord for his divine protection. 


On the first week of August, 2021 I was busy working in our back yard garden. We also managed to give some of the vegetables to our poor members who does not have backyards garden due to water problem. God willing, tomorrow I will be planting tomatoes in one of the two raised beds which I made yesterday. Our king onion bed is also doing well. 


No door to door knocking has been done in August, 2021 due to lockdown and we are still in lockdown. We are just praying that the lockdown will be uplifted. Cases and deaths has significantly dropped. 


We had been meeting in our home as family for Sunday worship. Then I would make sure that I send my sermon and teaching to every member through WhatsApp or SMS messages. Churches have been told to reopen by the government but as I write this very few churches had opened their doors. The government is saying that all people who attend church services must have been vaccinated twice. Hopefully by mid October, 2021 things will be fine. 


All schools will be reopen on Monday the 6th of September, 2021 and this will bring a big great relief to both parents and the children. 


  1. May you please continue to pray for my wife Esther. She is recovering well from the minor stroke. We are still having a great challenge in terms of physiotherapy fee. Each time she goes for therapy exercise, we need to pay between US $15 to $20. She goes there three days per week. Above all thank you so much for your prayer support. 
  2. Pray for our children as they will be going back to school - for God's divine protection.  
  3. Pray for us and the Lord's work in this difficult time.
  4. Pray for our church members and all the hard time which they are all in due to Covid-19.

Finally, we just want to thank you all for your unwavering support and prayers. Without your support and prayers our mission work could be so difficult.

May the Lord bless you all.

In Christ,

Nhamo and Esther Mumba