September 18, 2021 Ron

What is Truth?

What is Truth?

Ron Writes

Is there truth? Absolute truth? Objective truth? The majority of Americans (67%) say no. And, over half (52%) of those who call themselves “Christian” say no.

Life is hard. It can be confusing. What makes it work? We’re free to search for our own truth. Unfortunately, there are many paths with promise, but end in disappointment. A waste. This is the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon’s search for meaning. For truth. He tried wealth, pleasure, education, he “denied himself nothing” and found nothing but emptiness and lies. We hear that your truth might not be my truth and my truth might not be your truth. What we’re saying is that we each think we’ve found the path to happiness. But there’s only one truth. At the end of a frustrating, empty search many broken souls beg to know as Pilate, “What is truth?”

Truth corresponds to reality. Solomon came to the conclusion that the ultimate truth is God. He is the ultimate reality. That’s where we are as Christians. We have seen the evidence and have come to the faith that God is ultimate truth.

The notorious infidel Robert Ingersoll persuaded General Lew Wallace to write a book exposing Jesus as merely human. Wallace accepted the challenged and did his due diligence of research. It ended with the book “Ben Hur” that depicts Jesus as the Son of God.

Christianity is objectively true. Truth is what it is whether I think so or not. Whether I find it so or not. Whether I feel it so or not. Jesus is the truth.