November 27, 2021 Ron



Ron Writes

Scars tell a story. The resurrected body of Jesus had scars. It’s shocking and amazing that the signs of what killed him are still there. Thomas wanted to see and feel the scars. Jesus’ scars tell a story. They tell us that what happened to Him on the cross was real. Those nails and that spear were real. The suffering was real. The scars remind of the heartache of being betrayed by a friend. There are the unseen scars of being stripped, mocked, humiliated, slapped and spit on. Those scars tell us that Jesus really did die. Scars come after the wounds have healed. Jesus’ scars tell us that death is in the past and now He is alive!

Jesus showed his scars. Showing his scars told more of the story. For Thomas it became personal, “My Lord and my God.” It proved a point. God keeps His promises. God’s love is real. You can trust in God. All the promises of God will be fulfilled. Death is scary, but His scars tell us that we too will be resurrected. We too will overcome by His grace.

Do you have scars? We all have scars. Scars can be embarrassing. Some scars are the result of doing something stupid. However, some are the result of being a victim. Cancer, abuse, the carelessness of others can all leave scars too. The pain may have gone, the wound might be healed, but the memories still linger. Scars tell a story. There was something painful in the past that has been overcome.

Scars remind us that we have a past. Crucified with Christ. Buried with Christ and raised to newness of life. Our sins are forgiven, but the scars of sin are still there. Old wounds are healed, but scars of addiction, immorality, bitterness, indifference and the list goes on, are still there. What a wonderful story! Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future!

Like Jesus, sometimes we must show our scars. Not in a way that glories in our shame, but in humility to say, “I’ve been hurt like that too.” The person with the gaping wound, in pain, with little hope needs to know that you got through it and so can they. Scars can give reassurance. Remind them that the Great Physician now is here!