March 10, 2022 Ron

Pray for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

Ron Writes

Some of us got to know Mike Soto when he was associated with the Eastside church. He, his wife and 4 children have been missionaries in Ukraine. They remained there as long as they could, but now have been able to escape to Romania. They hope they will be able to return to help the people rebuild. For more updates on their lives or to donate, please go to

Eastern European Mission (EEM) prints and distributes Bibles to about 30+ countries in over 20+ languages, including Ukraine. All associated with EEM who wanted were able to evacuate the country. James Mead, our local contact for EEM, was saying that one of the Ukrainians didn’t want to leave and stayed in the warehouse so they could mail out Bibles as long as possible. Last he heard, the militia came to her and left her a machine-gun. They have set up an Ukraine Aid Fund to provide humanitarian aid to refugees pouring out of the Ukraine. They promise that 100% of these funds will go directly to assist in this Ukrainian crisis. You can donate online: or by mail, EEM, PO Box 55245, Hurst, TX 76054.

The Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) has a couple of schools in Ukraine. They report that money is already being sent to help and so far, God’s people have donated over $250,000 through SIBI. Three members associated with the school were seriously injured during one of the attacks. The preacher is in critical condition in a hospital trying to recover from a gunshot to the head.

Armed men seized a building during Sunday morning worship used by a church of Christ and the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Ukraine in Gorlovka. None of the members were injured, but they had only a couple of hours to remove things from the building.

Despite the terrors of war, Sasha Prokopchuk, a native Ukrainian who once served in the Red Army of the Soviet Union and now ministers for the church of Christ in Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine says, “the ministry of Jesus is the most stable thing in our country.”