July 09, 2022 Ron



Ron Writes

He who is without sin cast the first rock. “Judge not!” Jesus condemned those who trusted in themselves and looked at others with contempt (Lk. 18:9ff). It’s a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of an angry God, but that’s nothing compared to judgmental Christians. We often lack compassion, mercy and knowledge.

If it wasn’t for that plank in our eye, we could judge as clearly as God. Does Jesus remove that plank from our eye or does being near Him just make the plank more apparent? If you read through the Bible and come away feeling self-righteous, you’ve misread something. Pointing out the sins of others doesn’t make us sinless. If you think that you’re without sin, you’re a liar and you make God a liar (1 Jn. 1). Christians aren’t perfect, we’re forgiven. And as we walk in the light, as He is in the light, Jesus’ blood continues to forgive us of all sin (1 Jn. 1). It should humble us to know that God loves us so much. Rather than filling us with pride and judgment, it should cause us to be more compassionate, patient and understanding. “There but by the grace of God go I.” Hypocrisy and self-centered pride make us poor judges.

Look at yourself. Judge yourself. At the Lord’s table each person is to examine themselves. The reminder of the supper is needed. Even if, one is caught in any trespass, we are to restore them in a spirit of gentleness and look at ourselves. Why do you judge your brother? Stop judging one another (Rom. 14:10, 13).

“Don’t judge me.” Non-believers think this is the Christian’s kryptonite. “Judge not lest ye too be judged” (must be quoted in the King James)! ”You are being judgmental” (isn’t this statement judgmental?)! You are judgmental – case closed! Doesn’t God’s Word identify sin? Doesn’t God call on us to be righteous? Doesn’t God expect us to defend the weak and vulnerable? Can a Christian do these things without being judgmental?  “I’m just as good as you.” Why do they say that? Because they are, but we have forgotten to tearfully and humbly point them to the only source of forgiveness and hope.