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India Mission

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

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Chilakaluripet, India
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Anil and Baby Kumar

Location: Andhra Pradesh, India

Anil is the grandson of P. Balaraju, a preacher who was converted by Brother Claude Guild in the early 1960s. The faith of his grandfather was passed on to his parents who raised him in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” As a result, Anil passed up the opportunity to go to school to learn computer programming and instead became a preacher so that he could spread the Gospel and serve the poor in his community.

Anil and his wife, Baby, have overcome many obstacles and are active in several missions. Some of them include:

·        Preacher School

·        Mobile Bible School

·        Night school for underprivileged children

·        Feeding the widows

·        Providing food and basic needs to people shut in by Covid

·        World Bible School

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India Report - Fourth Quarter 2021

Greetings to you all at Oregon City Church of Christ,

Glory be to the God of Heavens who is filling His Spirit in us with all His Love to show Him to the Lost World Through us His Sanctified Children. Our Continuous efforts are never worthful without your Contributions for the Great Cause by His Grace and your prayers around us.


God is kind to me all these months at different opportunities from Family Prayers, Events, for Kingdom to Evangelism, Training and Edification. Sometimes its Emotional, Heart Breaking, and in all the joy of standing for the Lord in any worthful or unworthful situations. At every opportunity we are letting a door kept opened to the Church Youth in turn wise on their possibilities to prepare them for Future. They are helpful to each other for His Glory. We gathered non-Christians of our Contacts with a Christmas Dinner and opened an opportunity to Speak. Hindus and Muslims spoke of Jesus and Peace of Nation. Praise God our Strategies are working on and offline. We hope to see a generation of promising Church leaders through these missions in local and distance Churches. Also very soon we will share the graduation of the Committed Discipling Trainers. Our Generation Map of Discipling camping speaks much of what we do in congregations with Strategies.


The first Century Christians were so deepened in the heart to Accept Jesus as well as the Carrying the Gospel wherever they go even when they scattered during the time Church persecuted. It teaches us that every Christian bears this responsibility, and we are working so hard to Edify the members to go out and Preach the Word. Not so easy but moment looks initiated in the youngsters. Struck in the Traditions we felt the World is missing this. In going back to the Ancient Church we are so excited to see the response at different Congregations they are willing to go go go. Christian Faith Means nothings if one doesn't Share Jesus Story.


To walk with Jesus in Word and Deed we continue to find and reach the needy with what we have in hand. The needy Widows of Maddulur and Poor Trainees of Machilipatnam area are helped with Sarees and Groceries where the local Officers are involved as the support to the Lords Works. Covid Relief for the needy preachers is transferred to the accounts of the poor. preachers Also paid the Term School fee of the Faith School. 


Our Next Generation:

We are so happy for the Next Generation of our congregations of the Community is with travelling with the Church and Mission Activities. Their contribution for their age is immense with their Pocket Money in every Church need and their Benevolence is a good sign. Covid made a big influence in their involvement but slowly things are getting more connected in the last Quarter of the Year


Irkugudem Story

Brother Eliah preacher at Irkigudem remote Village stood an inspiration to his fellow preachers trained in our Bible school. God heard the prayers of many to strengthen him in the village where he was once neglected. The small Prayer shed that meets the local church was growth was inaugurated on my hands and that’s Privilege for me to see the Preachers growing.

We contributed 50000 Indian rupees for this prayer shed and it was the second of our Investments on Prayer Shed. Its encouraging to see others contributing for the Lords Work. 6 breaking bread in this Prayer shed and 16 attending on Sundays. Baptistry and Sound System in very much needed for the Evangelism. Prayers are needed and highly Appreciated.

Christmas Celebration

Praise God for this Christmas was Celebrated with all the Three major religious representatives and Political Leaders of our town. The joined hands while cake cutting are those and me and Dad at the ends. This is good sign that we are successful in finding Harmony for the long run of Missions. May God opens their hearts someday to find Him.

New Year Plans 2022:

We do always thing innovative to Evangelize and Edification in different possibilities we wish to bring forth a list of Youtube programs in local Telugu Language for the New Year.

1. Sunday School Stories,

2. Discipleship Multiplication Tools,

3. Christian Songs that can help Online Believers around the Globe.

Also Training Disciples from local Church is our Priority finding Timothy’s and Titus to be send Out.


Prayer Requests

  • Construction of Irlapadu Church Building 
  • Missions Travelling
  • Irkigudem Church Growth
  • Edification of New Souls
  • Discipling Trainers
  • Anil & Baby Health
  • New Year Plans

Follow Anil on Facebook:

Anil Kumar Missions | Facebook

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India Newsletter - September 2021

Greetings to you all at Oregon City Church of Christ

We praise God for we feel your prayers surrounded us and as we grow stronger day by day. Post Covid opportunities are slowly opening and the local congregation are back on the Physical Meeting on Sundays. Also the Outreaching doors are widening as we started to teach in Preachers, Gospel Meetings, Training Camps and other schedules are getting occupied. School and Colleges are back on track and our adopted Students are on their socks.


The Great Commission of the Lord is carried all over the World from the first day of Pentecost and its been widespread that no Pandemics and Calamities could Prevent. Digital Training Center got installed in Machilipatnam with good Interactive Technology is very promising.

Also we introduced WBS Lite app in the students who have their smartphones. Denominations preachers who attend the Training camps are Inviting us to visit their Churches.

The Simple tools of Discipleship Multiplication is impacting the Preachers to Train their local Church members as Sowers and the congregations grows in number and promising for Church Planting. We have more Outreach opportunities in our front to reach where we are called with our team. Its burdensome in maintenance and need of Prayers.


The comeback of the local congregation for Physical gathering is very emotional meeting each others. We truly don't want again to miss while the Bond of Christ Love between us. The Newborn souls from the third Generation of our congregation are very promising in Deeds seems to do wonders for the future Church.


We continue our charity for paying the First term School Fee of the four students and others been followed in Night School. My Dream Team gave tremendous Birthday gift gathering funds from their pocket to feed an Old age Home on my day. Thankyou God for they started thinking true Religion. Also we distributed Stationary for 60 poor students of Public School and it moved another heart of the Invitee to sponsor another children group of Public School in his village.

Irlapadu Story

The Story of Infant Irlapadu Congregation among Orthodox Gentiles so pathetic. Its been witnessed by Bro. Kyle and Bro. Ben and a short video available on Kyles Finate Nation Youtube. Prayer Shed Constantly facing attacks from the antichristians and calamities still growing strong in Faith in Pain and Distress.

Walls Pulled down by manual and whether forces in the past again and again, now again heavy rains in third week pulled down the wooden Truss and half constructed wall cracked by the time brethren went to worship. Preacher Moses witness that they shed their tears with great distress how long these sufferings for the Church. Please pray and consider it as the first Concrete Constructive project of OC in India.

Focal Points

  • We got back to Physical Gathering & Meeting place
  • Smart Training Center Installed at Machilipatnam. And planning at Khammam District.
  • Covid Relief send to poor Preachers and Infected.
  • Prayer shed of Bro.Elia at Irkigudem about to Finish.
  • Outreaching Opportunities

Prayer Requests

  • Dream Team youngsters attempting Counselings for higher education
  • Construction of Irlapadu Church Building
  • Migrant families in search of work are returning home for they don't find work.
  • Mission Trips.
  • Anil’s Family Health

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India Report - August 2021

South East Church of Christ

Anil Kumar India Missions

Greetings to you all at Oregon City Church of Christ, the Family of our Father in Heaven for whom we ever feel grateful and Privileged for being Associates in the Kingdom and Love Expansion. Hallow be Thy name for the pure cause we are all still kept alive in this World Pandemic with a Definite Purpose behind each one of us fulfilling our unworthiness into Worthy for such Grace. We are delighted to share that the Missions are moving forward with your kindness in India in all the Scriptural ways of Evangelism, Edification and Benevolence.


The hurdle of the Satan created for Physical gathering of the Church couldn't stop Evangelism rather aggressively done with every online possibility Worship and Studies. Discipleship Training with Simple tools in two Centers from our home studio is continuing the Gospel momentum. Also the WBS Enrollments into Correspondence courses in English and Telugu are going wonderfully being followed through different languages WhatsApp Groups. Students from different states are involved and their appreciation certificates are displayed on groups. Nothing can stop spreading the Word of God 


Souls being edified with online Preaching and Teachings and every opportunity I was invited by other congregations to preach them online is link shared to all our associated Congregations and brethren. Brethren are connecting with their devices at their convenience if not on YouTube. I witness the brethren from the local congregation who are bothering for whom they miss in the week, visiting them or at least phone calling. I am overjoyed for these fruits.


Our benevolence for Widows and Relief for the infected families and victims of food needs who ever contact us from our associates is continued. Academics of the next generation is a big questions and we are helping them in their struggle to attend online classes with Smartphones. Children started attending the reopened schools unsecured in the midst of 3rd wave warning bells.

Vision for the Next Generation

Having eye witnessed the local communal circumstances for decades we find the Third Generation area as priority for more allotment of Time, Funds and Vision for Future Church. Its been proving with our Church Dream Team of Adults and their Secular Career both through Leadership and Motivational Classes. Two of them are provided job opportunities with our intervention and they started giving back to God and stood inspiration to others. Their Spiritual upbringing is nurtured with a new Flannel board Bible Stories material that’s very exciting. Planning for a YouTube Lessons Series with this for the accessing of Millions of coming Telugu Children around the World.


Faith School Success Stories

Ramya was able to get a job as a computer programmer thanks to a two month computer course from Faith School Adults. She gave her first salary to the church.

Shankar, a young man who spent much time in counseling with Anil was able to turn his life around and now has a job with an insurance company. He shared his story of how he changed his thinking with the rest of the youth. He was also the first from his community to get a driver’s license as soon as he was eligible (most do not get a driver’s license until they are older, if ever at all).


Numbers for August

2 Discipleship Multiplication Training Centers

22 Trainees Enrolled

3 Preachers received COVD relief

3 Covid Infected families in the Church

12 Regular online connecting devices

12 World Bible School Enrollments

4 Students received smart phones

Prayer Requests

  • Sister Ajanta – Tested positive for COVID on 8/24
  • Brother Nageswararao passed away from cardiac arrest. Please remember his wife and children in your prayers.
  • Baby and Anil’s continuing struggle with Type 2 diabetes.
  • School children as they struggle to obtain the technology they need to attend online classes.
  • Safe travels for Anil as he ministers to surrounding communities.
  • For the return of physical gathering for worship
  • Associate preacher, Naresh's family (Covid)
  • Migrant families in search of work and food

Prayers Answered

  • Baby recovered from the severe pain she was having in her shoulder on August 11. She was also surprised to find out that she has already had COVID.
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India Monthly Report - July, 2021

Anil conducted several Seed of Truth Discipleship Multiplication training sessions in July. They were well attended by preachers from the surrounding area.

In addition to reinforcing the teaching of sound Biblical doctrine, Anil had attendees practice the effective use of white boards and Streamyard - a video streaming service similar to Zoom.

In mid-July, Anil traveled to meet with Next Generation Ministries to discuss post-covid mission efforts & opportunities for evangelism.

On the way home he had a close call. Here is his description of what happened:

“Yesterday it happened to me while moved with regular Evangelism mood at the meeting Venue, Annavaram which is a Hindu Religious Sacred Place. I saw few people on the Railway platform sitting and felt of giving them WBS tracts to encourage them to study Word of God. Almost reached them with handful tracts and my spirit hooked and dragged me back saying Hey Anil where are you now. I halted a while and recalled that I'm on a Hindu Platform and came back. Observed some Temple auto drivers starring at me. Wooooo. I shared with the hosting preacher who came to receive me to the Railway Station and he was almost shocked if I gave the tracts to them. He felt comfortable after hearing No from me. If I did that I would have been on Indian News Channel by this time viralled upto the Antichristian Government Prime Minister as a Sensational Antireligious Man of India. Praise God if He saved me and I appeal Gods Pardon if I missed the opportunity of Giving them Jesus. Thankyou all as I'm surrounded with your prayers.”

July 18, marked the one year anniversary of the death of Baby’s father. As is the custom in India, they commemorated his death with a memorial. During his memorial they fed 350 of the poor and sent food packets to the starving. They also presented condolence clothes to the extended family members.

On July 21 Anil and Baby were visited by the two children who stayed with them last year while their parents were recovering from COVID.  Anil wrote:

"Hope you all remember the two cute girls who stayed with us for a month when their parents got infected. Yesterday it happened for me to meet them again in anniversary meeting. The small kid Joy rush towards me as soon as she saw me and my wife. I asked her how are they doing. She answered me with her sizzling vibrant voice "I AM PRAYING FOR YOU AND BIGMOM" she was asking God said her dad "GOD REDUCE SUGAR FROM BIGDADDY, DONT WANT EVEN LITTLE". Praise God they learnt to know asking God in our absence and their parents are happy......How sweet she touched our hearts. I don't know how many if these like little children from our local congregation and from Oregon City but sure they pray. Love you all children. I can't go a step with the cross without your Prayers."

The youth group is continuing to participate in leadership classes and learning to be, “Different, like Jesus.” One of their number, Bhanush, recently broke his leg and the rest of the group visited him to offer comfort and prayers. Praise God for their caring hearts!

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