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My Daddy

By Dale Reynolds

I the hours after My Daddy came to his Earthly home for the last time and after he left for his Heavenly home, I felt the need to jot down a few things to help me remember Who he was. When I read them over, I began to realize that my Grade School Teachers might consider them a poem.


My Daddy

 I met this guy September 9th, 1956, he was my Daddy.

My Daddy was a Man of few words, So you had better be listening the first time.

My Daddy was gentle but totally deserving of the respect that he was a warrior and very capable of whatever any situation called for.

My Daddy was a simple man with very few wants. He wanted the Rain to fall, the Sun to shine the Fish to bite and the Garden to grow, He wanted those close to him to share some of his wants.

My Daddy considered himself the richest man in the world because of who his Father is.

My Daddy was more concerned with function over form. Remember his Tractors or the Hoe Cane, how about the washing machine cement mixer.

My Daddy did not need or want anything he couldn’t pay cash for, or build and take care of, and maintain himself and do it thankfully and with Joy.

My Daddy understood the need for discipline, and the need to provide a safe place for kids to make mistakes and understand that mistakes have consequences.

My Daddy believed in second chances but there were no freebies in life “If your going to play you’re going to pay.”

My Daddy understood the value of instilling pride and self-worth in everybody he met.

My Daddy understood that it was more important that Christ recognize him when he went home. Because he knew every knee will bow to the King but not every bowed knee will be recognized.  

My Daddy lived his. life knowing that he would be recognized so that when he moved to his new home, he did so with the comfort that all wish for and only a handful seem to attain.

It is no accident that My Daddy showed no fear of leaving this familiar place to go to His new home.

But I imagine it to be less unfamiliar to him than we can imagine because My Daddy spent his life preparing for this trip we will all make.

The Question My Daddy always wanted us to ask Ourselves. Will it be a trip we have to make… Or one we get to make? 

My Daddy got to make it.

Daddy I look forward to seeing you when it’s my time. Hug, Christ Thank Him for giving us a Choice and a Chance, Hug Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, and Uncles, Cousins and friends for me.

 I Love you always.