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Simbarshe and Memory Gondo

Children: Laura, Lowell, Leal and Lestor

Village: Bazel Bridge

Simbarshe (Simba) and his family live in a small rural village in Zimbabwe, Africa. The country of Zimbabwe has been ravaged by a ten-year drought and famine as well as economic instability. In addition to preaching for two congregations, Simba and his family have been able to help their congregation and community in many ways. Here are a just few of the things they have done in the past and continue to provide:

  • Made thousands of bricks by hand to be used to construct the church building
  • Grew a garden to provide food for those in need.
  • Raised goats and chickens to provide milk and eggs.

Simba is also hoping to have a well dug on the church property in the near future so that the people of his village can have clean drinking water.

Simba and Memory's extended family

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

Nhamo and Esther Mumba live in a village near Bazel Bridge. They have three sons: Providence, Prosper and Peace. Sadly, their second son, Promise went to be with the Lord on March 6, 2012 when he was 11 years old.

Nhamo attended primary and secondary school in Harare then went on to attend Rusiti Bible College. He also attended the Mutare School of Preaching from 2001 - 2003.

In addition to preaching the Gospel, Nhamo also is learning farming techniques and grew a healthy crop of corn during the 2021 growing season. This corn provides a much needed food source for his family as well as the poor members of his congregation.

Nhamo and his corn

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August 2022 Report - Mushunje and Bazel Bridge

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ 

I was busy the whole month because there were some National Fellowships for the youths, men and women the second week till the end of the month. Not much wind was experienced this month but it was very cold as we received some showers of rain. 

The first week

l attended funeral of a backsliding man who confessed, then after two days he was called home. His wife was faithful in the Lord's church. Thank God the man at last confessed.

The 3rd day

l attended a pre-school drama and music at Divine Heritage school where Leal is going. I was chosen to pray. Leal is doing good in all his work, he performed very well as he promises to be very intelligent. Laura did well in her end of term as she got number 2 and passed all her subjects. Lowell did not do well in English and Heritage, he got number 23. During the holidays we sent him to attend some extra lessons and now he is working hard. 

On the 4th

l footed to Derembwe church of Christ to witness the burial of Br Dzobo aged 75 years who died after a long sickness. He was an HIV/AIDS patient. It is 10km east of Bazel. We were 12 preachers attended including Br Kanchefu, Gwazaza, Tiyani, Marunga, Nyandoro, Gushure, Chimanga, Mushonga, Dhlamini, Mazenza and me. Br Kanchefu preached and Br Mushonga lead the singing. People who attended were 1500.  

On the 6th

l went to Mupudzi church of Christ alone for a men's lectureship. Men at Bazel were very committed at their work. We learned good lessons that targeted our duties and roles, we were 30 and we had a great fellowship. Preachers who were present were Br Mushati, Tanhera, Gushure, Chimanga, Siwedi, Zimwasha and me. We had a great moment. 

On the 9th

Together with my family, we visited my parents and saw all the activities they are doing. They were very happy to see us and my mother prepared a rooster for us. We had a great moment. 

Br Tawanda attended an interview at Mutare school of preaching and he was accepted as a student for next year's intake. The school requested $50 as acceptance and promised to give a scholarship because of his background.

The 10th Br Shalom's wife visited us as we counseled her to attend the church services and to encourage her husband to be committed in the Lord's church. She accepted and promised to do something in the presence of God. 

On the 12th

Together with my wife and kids we attended a heroes day in Bazel heroes acres. The children were happy to see some activities practiced. 

On the 11-14th

The church sent some youth to attend a National Fellowship at Baring in Mutare town. Youths who attended were Tanaka Buzuzi (girl 15), Vannesa Kanyimo (girl 15), Nomalanga Chinzvende (girl 15), Zvikomborero Gutukunuhwa (17) and his bro Takudzwa (12). Br Chadzingwa followed them as the father advisor. The theme was "Power Up". There were more than 1000 youth present and they were very excited about what they experienced. 

On the 19-21st

Three men at Bazel Br., Chadzingwa, Buzuzi and I, attended a National Fellowship at Nhowe Mission Church of Christ in Macheke, 200km northwest of Mutare. The theme was Breaking the chains. 450 attended. We had a great moment and listened to great preachers who were selected to preach. On Saturday afternoon we went to the ground to play soccer. Mutare won the game as l scored a penalty which was the winning goal.

On the 25th

l went to Sakubva church of Christ alone to listen to some good lessons about leadership from Br. Jerry Betts, who is the director of voice of truth books. He was accompanied by two lndians Br. Philemon and Br. Kingsley who encouraged us to hold fast in the work of God. We had a blessed moment. 

On the 25-28th

The women attended a National Fellowship held in Nhowe Mission Church of Christ again. Four women at Bazel attended including sister Chin'ono, Mandianike, Buzuzi and my wife. The theme was "Who will roll away the stone?" (Mark 16:3-4). Sister Mafusire was supposed to preach on the program but she was occupied so she assigned my wife to preach about "The stone of the economic challenges" (John 21:3-6). With prayer and fasting, she did a great job and she was successful to preach at a multitude of 1000 ladies. It was a great honor. Dr Mugweni phoned me and thanked her for the great job she had done. Years back we had much challenge of attending these national events since my wife was working away but by the grace of God we are happy in the work of God. 

I discovered something when I saw the number of people at Bazel who attended the fellowship. Some did not attend due financial constraints. We were three men who attended like Shadreck, Mishek and Abedinigo. The ladies were four as the three men were in the blast furnace the son was seen among them to make them four. I want to thank all the effort we did for the national events we attended. 

I want to thank you for the love you showed and support may God bless you all. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 


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May 2022 Report from Gondo

Grace, mercy, and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are in the winter season, this year the cold is much more than the years back. We received more rain this month the third week. The first week together with the church at Bazel we visited Nyakunu church of Christ. The second week l visited Br. Taylor Mukono in his home, we extend our walk to the funeral of Mr. Harmon Ratohwa. The third week l attended a meeting at Dangamvura church of Christ. The fourth week l was doing personal evangelism visiting the sick. The fifth week together with my family we were brought down by a serious flu.

After we had an exchange program with Bro. Marunga of Nyakunu church of Christ in March, he invited us to witness his welcome together with his wife. On the 8th, 25 members at Bazel hired a truck and moved 50km to and from East of Bazel. I preached about 'Do not Fear'. My first sermon l preached there in 2009, was 'Robe in the blood.' Br. Tawanda presided at the Lord's table and Br. Takunda was the song leader. People who attended were 52 and the giving was $8. We gave our gift of mug cups to the preacher and the church received some sweet potato cuts as seedlings. All church members were happy with this exchange program and we had lunch after the service.

On the 11th, l visited Br. Mukono as he called me to visit him. His advice was to train and teach me the Lord's work. l like the way he expresses himself toward the work. l learned a lot from him and we extended our journey five kilometers away from his home to a funeral of an old man who was buried. Mr. Harmon Ratohwa was 85 years old as he was ill for a long time. His wife and daughter had neglected him since he was HIV and AIDS. He was a member of the African Zion Church. They wear big robes with all the colors both sex they beat a drum with two hands and they like dancing with a lot of dust. People were more than 800 who attended.

The third week l attended a Manicaland gospel meeting held at Dangamvura church of Christ. This was the first time after two years to hold a meeting. The former chairperson, Br. Gwinya, resigned and Br. Magadaire took over. The gospel meeting will be postponed for next year April and this year it was too close for preparations. Our major objectives were to allocate the food to different congregations and money to purchase the tent.

The fourth week l followed the families who were not feeling well. I went to Masere to see how she's recovering thank God she was healed as she came to church and confessed how l moved to see her. l visited sister Mutsoni who was attacked by a strong flu, l visited Mrs. Masunungure not a member of the Lord's church. She had some ulcers which threatened her to an extent of dying as she express herself it was hard to bear we prayed together.

The fifth week we were attacked also by a strong flu, the whole house, thank God we are living.

On the 22nd it was raining such that many people were not expecting much rain and they decided to stay at home. The whole day was very cold it was a great moment worshipping God in such a weather.

I want to thank you Brothers and sisters for the support you gave us may the Lord bless you all.

Yours ln Christ

Simbarashe Gondo


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April 2022 Report from Simbarshe

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

We received much rainfall the second and third week of the month. Water to drink, grass to feed animals is plenty. We planted sweet potatoes to substitute the grains. The first week l attended the funeral of a non-church member. Br Tawanda Mhukayatadza completed his advanced level with distinctions. The second week our church youths attended a Manicaland fellowship meeting. The third week Br Taylor Mukono retired after 53 years in the preaching ministry. I lost a cousin the third week. Together with my wife we visited my mother in law's place of origin in Rusape for the payment of lobola, we visited sister Masere who had a daughter who conceived a baby girl. The final day of the month l witnessed a memorial service of the late preacher in Chivhu. 

The late Mrs. Bhasera aged 74 years is a sister of sister Masere and they are neighbors about 100m away. Mrs. Bhasera was removed the right leg due to sugar diabetes; her son Tichaona got a serious stroke; she was a widow survived with 13 children three are dead. The children were neglecting their mother as l pass through their home l saw that help was needed as l used to give them the little l have. The death was so sudden as she had stomach pains and she was called home. When we were at the graveyard l received a call from my mom and informed me about how my father collapsed as l quickly call my wife to accompany together as she was at school. We saw him as the situation demanded to visit the hospital and we gave them enough money as he was quickly treated. Now he is feeling much better. l thank you for praying with us. 

Br Tawanda did an excellent work as far as the school is concerned. He passed his advanced level with distinction Math A, Geography A, Physics B we were happy together with the church, his challenge lies on the school fees to attend university. Laura did well as she completed her first term exams she got number 1. Lowell did not do well as he walk away with number 18.

The second week 10 youths at Bazel attended a Manicaland gospel fellowship at Maruru church of Christ. The church members donated some food at the fellowship. The youths left our home on Friday as they spent good time together. On the 17th all the church members at Bazel followed the youths and the surrounding congregations including Derembwe, Mupudzi, Nyakunu, Dangamvura, Sakubva etc. We were invited to witness the retirement time of Br Mukono a 53 years long serving man of God with his wife, sister Judith. I was a song leader together with bro Feso we sang good songs. I was selected to represent Mutare south preachers to say words of exhortation on Br Taylor Mukono. Together with my wife we gave $20 usd as a gift and Bazel gave a big blanket and a big dish for laundry. Br Makunike preached about, “God remember our good deeds.” Dr. Mugweni was present, and he assisted the youths with a big tent. The total number of people attended were 800 and the giving was $180 usd. We were saved with lunch after service it was wonderful. 

I received a call on the 18th informed of the death of my cousin Tafadzwa, the third daughter of my father's elder brother Samuel. She was 22 years old as she survived with a seven months old son. She had complications when she was pregnant after a baby was too big, the heart was affected and the doctor quickly noticed the problem, she was operated but it was too late as she was sick for four months and pass away. The baby is safe. We laid her in our home graveyard as the father insisted that. On Thursday she was buried. 

On the 25th together with my wife we visited Dewedzo 60km south of Rusape. This is where my wife's mother grew up. Our mission was to give them a cow which was supposed to be given to the mother before she left. Anything belongs to the mother must be handed over to her brothers or sisters. We gave them $300usd to purchase a cow, a big blanket and groceries. We met with uncle Norman Maunga and his family and aunt Matiashe who is 97years old. We had a great moment and they were very happy to receive us at their home. We will be back again to complete the part of the lobola to the mother. l have $400 usd left, then l will go to Honde Valley to clear 8 head of cattle left from 12 head of cattle. This is our culture if you fail to do this the in laws will not be able to cooperate with you in times of difficulties or in any celebration. 

Together with my wife we visited sister Masere to see a new born baby girl of her daughter. Last years she lost her husband as l followed her to Chimanimani in Chikukwa village as the rain spend the whole night falling. This is the time sister Masere came back to church as she backsliding long time ago. She was married again now they are strong and she was blessed with two daughters and we presented our gifts to her and we prayed as the name of a child is Tinotenda. 

On the 30th l went to Maware village in Chivhu to witness a memorial service of a long serving preacher Abedinigo Mugweni who was a classmate of Br Taylor Mukono at a Bible College. We were advised to meet at Sakubva church 5:30 am. Unfortunately, l was delayed by the police at a roadblock to a car l boarded. I tried to call them, but they did not harken to my voice. I was just wondering, and they advised me to return home, but I followed them as their omnibus was also delayed by the police in Rusape. The time l arrived in Rusape this is the time they were released by the police. Everyone in the bus was amazed with the sacrifice l made to follow them. At 11:30 am we arrived the place as we sang songs together and we gave a final comfort to the Mugweni family. Bro Matiza preached, and we were 1500 people attended. 

I want to thank you brothers and sisters for the love you showed me and the family we are humbled by your love may God bless you all amen. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 

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March 2022 Report from Simbarshe

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

It was seen long ago by our ancestors that the month of March is where male children are born, my father 3rd, Br Ricky 9th, Leal my son 4th, mine on the 5th. We received much rain the 4th week, thank God we have enough water to drink with our animals. The first week l attended funeral burial of Grandma Mupambirei, our church committee members were given some tasks to do according to the ability. Second week Br Nhamo Moyana visited us. The third week we were invited at Sakubva church of Christ to hear a lecture, eight ladies at Bazel visited Br and sister Chadzingwa at their home. The fourth week l was doing personal evangelism with Br Marunga, Nyakunu preacher. I want to thank you brethren for the support you sent us the end of the month. 

The 9th of January this year l attended burial of grandpa Mupambirei aged 106, on the 4th this month his wife was buried aged 95 years, people who attended were 1200. l was chosen to pray before the multitude. Many people confessed how good was both the couple. Together with my son Leal we had some birthdays Leal reach 4 on the 4th, l am 39 on the 5th we had a great moment with the family at home.

The church Committees and their duties 

1 sister Mandianike - secretary, kids teacher

2 sister Chiwedere - kids teacher

3 Br Chadzingwa - Chairperson, youth advisor 

4 sister Chin'ono - Vice chair, hospitality to visitors 

5 sister Mutsoni - Treasure 

6 sister Mukahanana - Preacher's welfare, fellowship planners

7 sister Eugenia Chiwedere - fellowship planners 

8 sister Kuwaza - youth advisor 

9 sister Chinzvende-ladies fellowship planners

10 my wife - ladies fellowship treasurer 

11 preacher-prayer sessions and projects 

The second week, 8th l went to Mutsago home where his wife broke a leg mysteriously, the wife wanted to take the hens into the fowl run to protect them against baboons before she set her foot still in the air the leg looked back and the husband tried to take it back as he explained he was successful as l went there to offer a prayer, l saw the hand of God as she recovered without going to the clinic. I visited sister Gwizo 85 years old as we prayed together, she was happy to see me as she stayed with her granddaughter. 

On the 11th Br Nhamo Moyana paid us a visit all the way to South Africa. He preached to the church on the 13th about the story of Hezekiah. My wife was not feeling well the second week as the symptoms were of Covid 19. Her body temperature was high, and the child was sacking milk when she was sick thank God she recovered greatly, and the baby is safe. 

Dr Mugweni invited us to attend a lecture all the church leaders by Br Goodyear and Br William on the 4th. The lecture went well, and his subject was Identify Spiritual Gifts. We were 75 attended. On the 16th, 8 ladies from Bazel including sister Mukahanana, Mandianike, Kuwaza, Chiwedere, Mashayamombe, Kanyimo, my wife and sister Chadzingwa. They did a great service, sister Kuwaza preached, the reason of meeting was that no church attendance since the rest of her time was spent trying to chase birds away from the field. 

The fourth week on the 24th l started personal evangelism and waiting for the preacher Marunga to come. I visited three non-church members home including Gombakomba, Chimonyo and Chitima. 

These were the homes we visited with Br Marunga:

Gwizo, Mandianike, Mhukayatadza, Masere, Kuwaza, Chadzingwa, Muradzikwa, Kanyimo, Chitsa, Matanda, Muradzikwa Betty, Mashayamombe (George, Aaron, Daniel) Karamba, Chiwedere George, Chiwedere Eugenia, Chidzikwe, Mukahanana, Chin'ono, Mutsoni, Pfumbirai, Kupangwa, Kwezeya Memory, Kwezeya Farai, Chinzvende and Nhongo. 

Nyakunu followed their preachers on Sunday we had a great service the number was 75. I encouraged the church members to meet at the church site at 5pm-6pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for prayer and Bible read, l started alone now we are three with sister Mandianike and sister Chin'ono as we studied the book of Acts. On the 31st my wife returned to work after a leave of 90 days 

I received the support the end of the month for April, May and June l want to thank you for the love you showed may God bless you all. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 


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Mushunje and Bazel Bridge November 2021 Report

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

November recorded the highest temperatures as the heat was too intense. Our rain came the second week as people were preparing to plough small portions of land. The first week I attended a Gospel Meeting. The second week I was doing personal evangelism, the third week I went to see my father who was not feeling well. The fourth week youths attended an all night prayer. I was highly honored by the school as I gave a lesson and prayer on the first exam day. 

Nyakunu church of Christ hosted a Gospel meeting on the 5th - 7th. In their program preachers who came early was moving door to door preaching it was a great moment, Preachers who delivered sermons were Br Siwedi, Mushati, Manyanhaire, Marunga and Doctor Mugweni. I lead the singing and five girls were added to the Lord's church. We celebrated the birthday of sister Nyakunu, her daughter surprised her by bringing a nice fruit cake. She was overjoyed as tears streaming down her cheeks. We ate together as a body of Christ. Doctor Mugweni officially opened the borehole donated by Healing Hands lnternational through Mayfair Church of Christ. This was something special I was so excited to see this development, water was a challenge and the borehole reached 80meters deep, people around were very happy. 500 people attended the gospel meeting and the giving was $55 usd. Br V Marunga was officially announced as the preacher to work with Nyakunu as the former died Br Maraire. The school principal of Mutare Bible College Br N Marunga requested me to come with the students at my home to study as they liked my little projects and hard work I am doing. They asked me questions and how do I manage as well as preaching and teaching it was a great lesson learned by the students. 

The second week I did my personal evangelism at 8:00am till 12 noon. The sun was burning. I visited the Mashayamombe family as I encourage Br George and Roderick to attend Sunday service. I am having a challenge again with brother Shalom and his wife. Since they are going to work they are forgetting to attend church services in Nhedziwa as I asked Br Mushati the preacher and when they came here in Bazel they are abstain church service please in your prayers too remember them I do not know what is their problem. When they were not employed they submitted to church full-time but now the first love has been rejected contemptuously, I tried to ask them on the phone but they said we are not given time by their bosses to go to church, as they come home they are not attending, ln life people forget as better life comes in God's hands. I gave him my good trouser, shirt and shoes for his first interview but now the Lord blesses they are forgetting . I went to sister Kuwaza's home as she always complained about her boys, she was blessed with four boys I gave them a lesson about the first commandment in the Bible and taught them. The mother was very happy with the message and all the efforts to make sure that they attended church services and accept Jesus as our savior in their lives. 

I was greatly honored by the teachers and headmaster at Mwandiambira Primary school as they invited me to address the grade seven pupils on the first day of the exam the 29th. My lesson was do your work perfectly and not to rush. Their teacher Mr Muradzikwa was very excited his words he used to speak to them I repeated them to take their time. I took 20 minutes as I went to see the head Mr Siziba and he offered a gratitude on the job I did. 

On my way home I passed to see grandmother Maondo a resident of Bazel and she was suffering from diabetes. The daughter in law is taking care of her and she was happy to see me, she confessed that long ago another old man of the Lord's church visited her and taught her some lessons it was a great moment as she said. She appreciated greatly. 

The third week I went to see my father. His challenge was falling down and unable to stand as he losses power and became unconscious. It happened twice and I saw it as I visited to see his condition. He needs monitoring my prayers is to be guided by the Lord. My mother is living in fear of my father may the Almighty God have mercy with my father. I am the one who is taking care of my parents and I felt the pain if anything happened to them. 

The fourth week on the 27th the youths at Bazel attended an all night prayer at Mupudzi church of Christ where Br Siwedi is ministering. Twelve youths attended with their teachers sister Mandianike and Chiwedere. Me and my wife we provided transport cost and food expenses. We were happy the whole church as we listened to each and every kid speak on with their mouth all the events they witnessed. It uplifted our souls we want to thank God for this program and they insisted this event to be held at our church. It is on our plan when the lock down is over. 

I want to thank you for your support you gave us. May God be with you all. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 


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Mushunje and Bazel Bridge October 2021 Report

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

October recorded the high temperatures, the maximum recorded 45-50 'C. The sun was exceptionally hot. We received little rainfall this month less than 10mm. The first week l visited my nephew at my parents home. I helped my father's elder brother to reverse the deal of selling a big piece of land with little money. We purchased another 22 chairs the second week at Bazel. The first day of the third week the church shed was brought down by the storm. The fourth week l was doing personal evangelism. On the 29th we visited the doctor together with my wife and we invited the Rural District Council to show us our boundaries. 

My nephew Dennis was ill the end of September and the first week of October. I visited him to see the condition at my parents home. He was infected at school since in his classmates recorded nine Covid 19 cases . He is learning at Chinyauhwera High my former school that is 5km away from school. He spent two weeks at home and now he is feeling much better as he returned to school the third week of October.

My father's elder brother sold a big piece of land with his wife about four hectares at 300usd. He was given $80 usd and the basic food stuff. It was hock and crooks where there was no witnesses. Mr Nyikavaranda openly agreed that he bought the land but our father refused as we reversed the deals since he is not educated in dealing with assets. On top of that he has some kids and grandchildren. Our plan was to return the money and the food he received for the benefit of his children. The owner of the whole land was my grandfather our father are valuing less this inheritance. I thank God that Mr Nyikavaranda listened as we discussed this matter and reverse the deal in a godly way. 

The second week Br Nhamo Moyana a former preacher at Bazel donated 22 chairs to the church. Currently he is working full time preaching at Hermanus Church of Christ in Cape Town South Africa. Our total chairs are 42 which is a big number and great achievement to us as we used to seat on the rough floor. I went to town to purchase these chairs as l add another money for transport.

I extended my journey to see Mr Muchazoreka who was injured a fractured hip the left side. He is our neighbor at Bazel, he was not able to move on his own as he was on the wheel chair. I prayed for a speed recovery now as we speak he is using a crutch to move he recovered greatly. 

Our jubilation was turned into lamentation as the heavy storm came on the 17th and overturned the roof of our church shed. Monday morning as l went to church for my usual prayers.

Quickly we organized with the church members to attend this double trouble we encounter. I used the money l have to buy cement, treated poles and nails. The church paid for the builder for the work he did.

On the 31st we encountered another massive storm and hail stones were brought down from the sky my butternuts, tomatoes were slashed to the ground, houses, trees were destroyed thank God none lost their lives 

I visited sister Chin'ono /Chikazhe for learning as she's the new convert l taught her about the church, baptism and repentance. I visited sister Masere and taught her about the love of God sometimes back l accompany her to Chimanimani and buried her son in law who passed away. It was a rainy time as we were together in that situation. I reminded her since she once backside. In her response she was deeply moved as she promised to hold fast in the Lord.I went to see sister Kuwaza and comforted her of the loss of her loved ones. 

On the 29th together with my wife we went to town to collect some maternity leave forms and to see the doctor. The baby in the womb is safe and nothing is wrong with the baby. We accept the doctors words as we prayed for the girl but we received the opposite we thank God for that. 

The last week of the month we called the Rural District Council to come and pegg the whole ground. Our ground was pegged 40 meters width and 80m length. We were given the same share the three churches around. 

I want to thank you for the love you showed and the support you gave me and my family. May God bless you and your family. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo

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Mushunje & Bazely Bridge Update September 2021

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

The month of September is named as the little bird's time. The sun was hot as the degrees were recorded 40-50 maximum temperatures. This month I worked very hard. We had a challenge with ZAOGA church next to our stand. We had a visitor the first week. Glory be to God my wife was transferred the second week. The third week we were busy moving our property to our respective house, we completed the roof of the church shed. The fourth week l went to Br Chadzingwa's home to collect the bricks he gave to church. I organized a group of seven members so that we can construct an electrical line as we desperately need electricity in our houses. The final week two people were added to the Lord's church.

On the 6th l had a closed door meeting with the pastor of ZAOGA at their parsonage in Bazel. The challenge was that they created their own church plan with the meters to take a big ground and neglected the original pegs. They bribed the council assistance to place some new pegs as l refute the criteria they used. I stopped them to fence their premises and first find the original pegs. We moved our case to the office in Mutare urban and we were all advised to pay 20usd for one peg searching and there were 8pegs needed, thirty litres fuel and food, in that case it ended like this as l openly said the church has no money for peg searching now that we are waiting to see them after we find out the original pegs.

On Sunday the 5th Br John Dube a preacher at Chigodora church of Christ north of Bazel visited us at the church site. He worked as the national borehole director supported by Healing Hands International. He preached to us about the problem of the churches in the book of Revelations. He was pleased to see our achievements as far as the church shed is concerned, he donated two iron sheets to complete the shed. The people who donated the sheets including sister Mandianike and group, sister Chiwedere and group, Mhukayatadza family, Br Nyamatore, My family. We are under a roof as Br Nyamatore donated again 20 chairs. Sister Chiwedere and group donated four, sister Masere donated two, my family donated four chairs.

On the 6th my wife was transferred from Mafararikwa to Mwandiambira Primary a school near our house about a kilometer away. The second week was completed when she moved to town up and down at the district office for clearance and it was successful. Glory be to God for this movement and answered prayers, we do not count how much money we spend but the good times we are together as a family l was wondering my kids were in the bush for quite a long time. My gratitude is great and extended to you brethren in the USA for the prayers, finally the Lord harken to our voices. I am helping my wife as l woke up early in the morning at 04:30am every day as she is pregnant.

Br Chadzingwa our church treasurer as well as the Baptist gave to church one thousand of bricks a year ago. He officially announced to church that the bricks are occupying a big space in the field and wanted to use the field for ploughing. We organized in church and on the 23rd l accompany the truck driver and other church members including Br Chadzingwa, we loaded and off load the bricks to church. These bricks are equivalent to $30us. I organized a group as we sat down on 4 meetings on the 7,14,21,28th.Our agenda was to raise funds for the electrical construction. Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Company was their duty to construct this line but they failed and forced us to do as we desperately need electricity. The private construction company gave us a quotation of $1782usd we shared it among seven households, each will pay $255usd.

On the 19th sister Chin'ono was her first time to attend church service with us as she stood to be baptized together with our youth Br Thulani Chidzikwe. I did not teach her any lesson this lady but she spoke and confessed that because of me the pastor each time I met her l greeted her nicely as she said the way l greated her she thought it is wise to be with us. We baptized them on the 29th with Br Thulani our youth aged 13years. The Lord restored four families and one was added to the Lord's church. The total family members are 21. My duty is to restore two families Nhongo and Mapindu. I want to thank God for the good health we are having. My Nephew Dennis was tested Covid 19 positive the end of this month. I prayed for him. Now he is doing well.

I want to thank you brothers and sisters for the support l received the end of the month for October, November and December. Together with my wife we want to thank you for your love and care. May God bless you all. I am humbled with your kindness and love.

Yours ln Christ

Simbarashe Gondo


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Mushunje & Bazely Bridge Update July 2021

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

July was cold, the Covid cases increased gathering were not allowed and unnecessary movements. We received some showers of rain as we spent a week and half when the sky was covered with clouds. The first and second week l was working in the garden. The third week l went to Masiyakurima to comfort them for the death of Grandma who followed her husband. We went to the Registration office to apply for our son's birth certificate Leal. I received my first dose injection of Covid 19 vaccine. 

We were not allowed to gather the whole month and to move. Soldiers and the police were staying at Mwandiambira Primary school near Bazel to monitor the movements of people and gatherings. The first and second week l was working in the garden l have some tomatoes and vegetables. 

We spent a week and half when the sky was clouded everyone in the house was affected by flu. We have a neighbor who tested positive to Covid 19 Mrs Hlakama. We feared and maintained social distance now she's feeling well. We are staying with my brother's children Patients 19,Dennis 16,they are helping us a lot with domestic work. 

It was a sharp blow to the Masiyakurima family again as they lost their grandmother before their tears were not dry as they buried their grandfather four weeks ago. She was 82years old. I went to comfort the family as l didn't attended burial because of the raising cases. 

On the 28th together with my wife we went to the registration office about 10km east of Bazel to apply Leal's birth certificate. He was registered after two weeks it is ready for collection. The same day l went to our nearby clinic as l received my first dose of Covid 19 vaccine, the second injection is on the 11th August. Our prayer is freedom against this disease as we are restricted in everything. We ask God to help us as many lost their lives in June and July. 

Our chicken project are doing great as we faced some challenges this cold season. The birds were struggling to grow as we lost 15birds out of 100. We learned a lot l think next time we will be fully equipped. 

I am happy with sister Masere as she was phoning me day after day about church gathering as she was restored in this Covid restrictions. I was worried about her back sliding. I remember the death of her husband in Chimanimani as l accompany her to bury him all the rains fell until my clothes was wet after that she back sliding. It touched me a lot but she returned to the Lord it is my prayer to remain faithful. 

Every Sunday l was teaching my kids and we are attending church service as we invited Mandianike family and Mhukayatadza family for worship as we stay close to each other. Our attendance is 12-15. 

I want to thank you for the support you gave to us may the love of God kindly protect your family. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 


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June 2021 Mission Report from Simba Gondo

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

The year's winter season exceeded years ago. June was very cold this year the maximum and minimum temperatures were 12', 5'C respectively. The beginning of the month schools break. The first week l went to town to collect the chicks for the two groups. The second week l was doing personal evangelism. The third week we were fortunate to receive Samaritan purses for the kids. The fourth week l attended funeral of an old businessman from the royal family. Finally we extended our gratitude for the support we received the end of the month for July Aug and Sept. 

The first day of the month l went to town to collect the chicks for the two groups. The church members are very excited about the project since their time is not wasted in nothing. The other two remaining groups are eager and waiting patiently for their time to come and they see it working as we are in the second round. Our challenge so far are buyers when the chicken is ready and to buy extra feeds since we do not have electricity to store them in the fridge. The strategy so far is that we agreed each church member to buy a chicken to promote the project. I am benefiting a lot in this project as most of my fertilizers are from the project especially dried. I planted potatoes in bags, tomatoes, rape, onion, carrots, peas and vegetables. Together with my family we are struggling for the project our profit is not much but we are managing. 

After the school break on the 4th together with my wife we did our personal evangelism. We managed to teach six people but two people accepted our teaching sisters Gambe and Masunungure. They are residents in Bazel community. They were members of the Evangelical church and the assembly dissolved as members are scattered away like sheep without a shepherd. l have five family members who followed the group because of instruments. This month l am happy that sisters Mukahanana and Pfumbirai returned back to the true church. My task is to follow sisters Kuwaza and Mapindu to come back. 

The lock down restrictions was announced the third week as the new cases were raising everyday. The church send three representatives sisters Mandianike, Chiwedere and l to collect some gifts for the kids. We collected them on the 17th and distributed on Sunday at our house as we gathered for a service. It's not the first time to distribute these purses. Two teachers are doing a great job in teaching the kids every Sunday and Saturdays. Sometimes church members left kids behind during services but we encourage to bring them always, kids who received their boxes were 45. 

I attended funeral of Mr. Rishon Masiyakurima aged 88 a local businessman who owned a butcher. He was a member of the Methodist church and the royal chiefhood. I climbed up to the mountain 200m high where he was laid to rest in a curve, people were more than a thousand. This honor is for the royal family not any one. Village people appreciated my present as l saw most of our church members there. 

The end of the month together with my wife we went to town to collect the support for July Aug and Sept. We want to thank you brothers and sisters for your care and love may God bless you all. 

June Attendance and Giving

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo Mumba

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Mushunje and Bazeley Bridge May 31 Report

Summary of Activities for the month of May, 2021:

  • The church yard was thoroughly cleaned by the members
  •  Simbarshe attended the funerals of: Kudakwashe Duma a 15 year old boy who passed away shortly after becoming ill; Ngoni Mwandiambira , A 33 year old man who was poisoned by his wife and Mwashita, an 88 year old grandmother.
  • Simbarshe traveled to Nyakunu church of Christ together with other preachers to confront false brethren and to strengthen the church members.
  • The church began worshiping at the church building even though they do not have a roof (they had been worshiping in a nearby school but were told to leave with no notice)
  • Several members donated materials for the church building roof and other repair and construction projects.

May attendance

Full Report from Brother Simbarshe Gondo

Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

The beginning until the end of the month of May it was very cold and the weather has changed greatly. The first week together with the church members we thoroughly cleaned around the church yard. The second week l attended funeral of a young boy who passed away shortly after illness. I went to Nyakunu church of Christ to strengthen the church members together with other preachers. The third week l attended the funeral of a man poisoned by his wife. The fourth week l attended the funeral of a grandmother Mwashita. 

Together with the church members at Bazel we had the same heart. We were busy cleaning the church yard and the whole premises look smart. The church members confessed that they left the Lord's house as we attended our services at a school but the time came without notice to leave the place without choice. We constructed two pillars inside the church building as we divided the other place as a temporary meeting place. We planned to put 15 iron sheets at the moment the Mhukayatadza family donated one sheet and Bro Nyamatore donated 6 as we desperately need 8 to finish the roof. I donated some roofing poles and cement, Bro Mashayamombe donated one bag of cement. After roofing we are going to buy some chairs as people are sitting on the rough floor. My great thanks extended to the church members for the resilience and the acceptance of the situation and liked to worship God inside the open house in difficult times. 

The second week on Tuesday l attended funeral of a boy aged 15 Kudakwashe Duma they are related to the late business man who passed away two months ago. The evil force was around the family to make matters worse the whole family was seriously ill. The boy died after a short illness. They worshiped an Apostolic church. The number of people attended were 800,they stay close to Bazel about 500m away. The family was deeply moved by this incident. 

The second week on Sunday l went to Nyakunu church of Christ including Br and sister Gushakusha, Br and sister Mafusire, Br Makunike, Br Phiri, Br Kairezi. At Nyakunu they were some false brethren who want to take over after the death of Br Taurai Maraire we call them AntiChrist who used money to take the church members and give them hand outs so that they possess the church assets and members after some time they abandoned them and move on to another. We went there to dismiss them as we know them with their works, the church members were thoroughly informed through teaching and they have accepted our advises. I song lead, Br Phiri preached and Br Siwedi was presiding on the Lord's table. We were 45 and the giving was $12usd. 

On the 20th l attended a funeral of a man aged 33Ngoni Mwandiambira who died a painful death after he was poisoned by his wife. No reason towards his death wasn't announced but the wife disappeared after his burial. It was so painful as l comforted the family. 

On the 25th l attended a funeral of a grandmother Mwashita aged 88.She was a humble woman as l saw her during my personal evangelism. People who attended were 650. She was a member of the Anglican church. My presence was greatly appreciated by the community. 

I want to thank you for your support may the Lord bless you and your family. 

Yours ln Christ 

Simbarashe Gondo 

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September, 2022 Mission Report from Nhamo and Esther

Christian greetings to you all brethren. We hope and trust that this report finds you all in good health.                 


It was hot throughout the entire month of September, 2022. Many of the farmers are now preparing their fields awaiting the raining season. We understand the country is already struggling to feed the starving people. Pray that the Lord may give us more rains this year.                                         


life in Zimbabwe is generally becoming too tough and characterized by high unemployment, power cut shortages, high rate of robbery due to high unemployment. Poverty is rife and the population is battling to make ends meet. Most people in my poor community survive by 'hustling' -buying and selling whatever they can lay their hands on. Generally, it is common to see women sitting at shopping area or moving around in homes carrying baskets full of lemons, vegetables or tomatoes trying to sell. Some gather wild fruits pick from surrounding bushes while some pick up used plastics bags and wash them for reselling. In town men beg to clean your vechicle for a small fee. Despite all these hardships, we still soldier on preaching the gospel, comforting and pray for the affected people.


On the first two weeks of September, 2022 we were busy doing our door to door knocking. We thank God that most of the people we met were all eager to give their time in listening to the God's word. Some had requested us to revisit them. Pray that the Lord may open their hearts to the gospel.


On the 18th of September, 2022 I was invited to go and preach at Mhembwe Church of Christ a congregation I once preached for from 2012 to 2015. I had a wonderful time meeting with entire congregation after a long time. I taught adult Bible class and preached on main service.


We had a quite a big number of funerals which I attended during a month under review. Most of these funerals were of our young people had been killed in South Africa. We have a big number of Zimbabweans working in South Africa.               


During the month of September, we had some rotations in the homes of our members for a Bible study. We had been studying the book of Acts 8 through chapter nine.


I preached for three Sundays and taught Bible class. Our average attendance for the month was 12 to 14. Our giving was $20 USD plus $1000 Zim dollars which equivalent to $1. 50 .


  • Pray for my son Prosper who started writing his final graden seven exams on the 26th of September to the 10th of October.
  • Pray for our mission work as well as our country leaders
  • pray for the upcoming general election next year for peace.

Above we want to thank you for your prayers,love and support for our mission work in Zimbabwe.     

Yours in Christ.

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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August 2022 Mission Report from Nhamo and Esther

Dear Brethren

We send our warm greetings to you all in Jesus name. We hope that our report finds you all in good health. Its now summer season after a long cold winter season.              


Our evangelism work is mainly on door to door knocking. On the first two weeks of August, 2022 we knocked at several houses in Magamba extension. In most houses we knocked the welcome was good. Some of the people we met did also invited their friends to come and hear the gospel. Please pray that the Lord may open more people's hearts to the gospel.


We are happy to inform you during the month in view two souls surrendered their lives to the Lord and were baptized. These are young women namely Chipo Maganga, 23 and Linda Tsapo, 24 both are working as soldiers for Zimbabwe National Army. As i write this these two ladies had been deployed to Chirundu boarder post next to Zambia. I talked to a fellow preacher who reside in Kariba to get in touch with these ladies.


During the month in view there are two main events that were held. The first was was a refresher course for all preachers which was done at Mutare School of Preaching (MSOP) and then men's lectureship which was held at Nhowe Mission which one of the institution for church of Christ. It was unfortunate that I failed to attend all two events due to my wife who is not feeling well and was not able to take care of the kids. But I am told that the two events went very with good attendance.


On the third week of August, 2022 we had several Bible studies with our prospects in their homes. We were much impressed to see that some of these prospects enjoyed the studies.


On the 4th of August, 2022 we made a two day visits to the sick both for our members and other sick elderly people in our community. We read them some encouragement Bible verses, sing and pray for them. 


We want to thank God for the peace we have as a nation. It is our prayer that we want this kind of peace to be seen next year as the country will be going for some elections.


I preached throughout the whole month and taught Bible class. Our average attendance for the August, 2022 was 16 and our giving was US $20.


  • Thank you all for those whose been praying for my wife Esther. She is now feeling much better. She is now left with only two check ups this month. She was diagnosed with sugar diabetes which she will be now living with on medication. So continue to uplift her in your prayers. 
  • Please pray also for our mission work for guidance, wisdom as our nation is still facing some economic challenges as well the drought situation. 
  • Pray for my kids to continue excelling in their education as the third term schools begins on Tuesday the 6th of September, 2022.              


We want to thank you all for your unwavering financial support towards our mission work. Your in Christ. 

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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May 2022 Report from Nhamo and Esther

Dear Brethren,

Hope this report finds you all in good health. We want to thank the Lord for enabling us to sail through the month of May 2022. The effects of global inflation on food and drought are still with us. We thank God that we are managing through the providence of God.


On the 20th of May 2022 our small congregation went into a planning session for the whole day at one of our member’s home. We also did this last year. We really need this time so that we can reflect on success and challenges we might be facing as the church as we plan for the future. We will never stop planning despite the scarcity of resources available


We had three visitors during the month of May 2022. The first visitor we had was a couple from Mhembwe Church of Christ a congregation we once worked with for the past six years. Then the last visitor was the chairman of community Mr. Mafetuka also a member of the Lord, s church.                                     


Our evangelism work is mainly on door to door knocking. In many houses we knocked the door, the welcome was good. We even saw some inviting their neighbors and friends to come and listen to our Bible teaching lessons. Some promised to revisit us to come to our worship services.


On the 13th of May 2022 I was invited to go and preach at the funeral of one of the couple in our community who were being murdered in a cold blood by six robbers after pounced in their house. It is so said that this couple were one of our prospects whom we were studying with, God’s work. They left behind three young children. May you please pray for the kids Tim, Grace, and Tracy.


We meet for our Friday Bible studies throughout the entire months. The turn out was bit low due to cold weather. We had been studying the book of Philippians 4 and we are now through.


We had resumed our backyard gardening.  Am happy to that say we are busy making some raised beds. We are expecting to plant cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, and vegetables.


Our attendance for the whole of May 2022 averaged from 15-20. I preached throughout the entire month. Our giving was US $35, 00. Our giving is still low because most of our members do not go for work.


  • Pray for our country. Next year there is going to be Presidential elections. In many parts of the country, we are already seeing campaigns being carried out. We are praying for peace.  
  • Pray for my children.
  • Pray for my family we are having accommodation problems. We are in need of our own permanent accommodations.  
  • Pray also for my wife. She is sick and her health is deteriorating.     


Lastly, I would like to thank you brethren for your unwavering support and prayers for the mission work here in Zimbabwe. May God bless you all.

In Christ.

Nhamo Mumba

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April 2022 Update from Nhamo and Esther


It is our prayer that this report finds you all in good health. We thank God for enabling us to sail through one of the most difficult month. The effects of both the current drought and the global inflation is currently affecting us. It is therefore, not easy. However, we are managing through the providence of God.  


My family and I are grateful for both the financial and prayer support which you are giving us. These continue to assist us in spite of the world wide recessionary effects applying to everyone. We hail the spirit. May God continue to walk in your midst.


On the first two weeks of April, 2022, we were busy doing door to door knocking. We met with several people both young and old and shared with them the gospel. Some had already send us invitations to revisit them. We also met one of the Anglican Rev by the name Phillip Kamba whom we are now studying with the true gospel. Pray that his heart will be open to the teahings we are giving him.


On the 18th of April, 2022, our small congregation went for the whole day for prayer and fasting. We assured all our members never stop praying and fasting despite all the challenges we are going through in our nation. Problems should not discourage us forging ahead with our prayers.


We had three deaths during the month of April, 2022. I managed to attend all the three funerals and memorial services.


On the 22nd of April, 2022, we made a visit to old people's home and shared the gospel. After that we managed to donate one box of washing soap and the staff there were greatly very happy.


Our nation is currently facing a severe drought situation. Many people are struggling to have food on the table. The global inflation on food is also a great blow to us all. We therefore appeal for more of your prayers.


Our average attendance for the whole month of April, 2022 arranged from 17 to 20 including children. Our giving total giving for the entire month was US $30.


The current drought situation as well as inflation on food in our nation is now greatly affecting our poor members.

Need for a motorbike to help during personal work movements. At times I walk long distance on foot. Sometimes I get a call for a sick member during night times and I find it hard to attend. Pray also for my family for good health as well as the Lord's work.


Once again thank you very much for your unwavering support and prayers. May the Lord continue to shower more blessings upon you all. 

In His service. 

Nhamo Mumba and family. 

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March 2021 Update from Nhamo and Esther


Clement of Rome (about AD 95) wrote an epistle to the Corinthians ,in which he stated in part 5,Let us set before us the noble examples which belong to our generation. “We always cherish and appreciate your support and prayers for us to continue preaching the gospel.


During the first two weeks of March,2022, we had an opportunity to visit a new developed location called Ridgemond. We reached several homes doing door to door knocking evangelism work. We are glad that as a result of this effort one young man by the name Casper Katiki got baptized.


On the third and fourth week of March 2022, we visited all our both new and old prospects in their homes. We taught them several Bibles lessons. Some invited their friends to come and listen to our teachings. May you please kindly continue to pray for these people that the Lord will open up their hearts to the gospel.


We usually do our Bible studies on every Fridays in the evenings from five to 6pm.We are currently studying the book of Philippians.


May you please kindly remember Cathrine Mukarakate one of our new members. Her father Leonard passed away on the 25th of March 2022. He was laid to rest on the 28th of March 2022. Please pray for the Mukarakate family for comfort.


On the 26th of March 2022, Zimbabwe successfully held a mini parliamentary and council election. The operating environment was very peaceful and enabling the advancement of the gospel of Christ everywhere across the country and beyond. We do also pray that the 2023 general election will be also peaceful. The drought situation is one of the challenging issues. The government clearly declared the 2021 -2022 Agricultural season a disaster. We are kindly appealing for your prayers. The entire country is now beginning to feel the effects of this drought as well as the economic situation.


Our church attendance during the month of March 2022, was fairly good. The average contribution for the month of March,2022 was US $30.


Pray for our starving church members with their families. Inflation on food is also greatly affecting people’s lives.

Pray for our mission work, my family for good health.


We are so thankful for your financial and prayer support. Your prayers and encouragement brought us thus far.

In His service.

Nhamo Mumba and family.


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November 2021 Update from Nhamo and Esther

Dear Brethren. 

Warm greetings to you all in Jesus name. We are so grateful to report to you about the work done in November, 2021.

November is one of the cultural marked month in our nation that no lobola payments and weddings should be done . This actually binds those whose are not Christians. November is also a month whereby lots of farmers will be busy working in their fields. 



The first two weeks we were busy with our door to door knocking. We visited several homes sharing the gospel. In some houses people we meet there were free to share their prayer requests. We also managed to do some follow ups for our prospects. Some live very from very far places.  


We only missed one Friday Bible study during the month of November, 2021. We are glad to report that our Fridays Bible studies are helping our members to have a deeper knowledge of the Bible.  


We are happy to report to you that we had finished planting maize seeds in our rental church field. As I write this the seeds had well germinated. We are praying for some good rains. In our last harvest each family. received some maize to help themselves and their beloved families. Some rains that we received in the third week of November, 2021 was so violent accompanied by some strong winds and lighting. In some parts of our province, houses, schools and a police station were destroyed. Please do pray for some good rains.


As from 25th-28th of November, 2021 our District held ladies gospel meeting. The attendance was good and everything went very well. The ladies were extremely happy meeting each other after two years without meeting in persons due to Covid-19.   


Our church attendance during the month of November, 2021 was so good. Our average contribution for the month of November was US $20. Most of our poor members are unemployed. Many survive by selling vegetables.  


There is a new Covid-19 variant which was discovered in our two neighboring countries Botswana and South Africa. We are told that cases of Omicron are now also appearing in other parts of the world as countries test for the variant. Please pray that this new Omicron variant Covid-19 will not affect us all.


Please do pray for us, our nation and the ongoing inflation on food. 

Pray also that we may have some good rain as well as festival season.  

Lastly we want to thank the whole church at Oregon for your unwavering support and prayers.  

In Christ,

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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October 2021 Update from Nhamo and Esther

Christian greetings to you all. 

It is our great pleasure to share with you our report for October. We are almost one month left before we say goodbye to 2021. The challenges we are going through has made our faith to be strong. 


We managed to conduct our door to door knocking for the first two weeks of October. We visited several homes and met with different kind of people. In some houses the welcome was so good. To some it was their first time to hear the Word of God shared to them. Most sects churches do not even allow their members to touch and read the Bible. We look forward to revist the place in the third week of November, 2021. 


On the 16th of October,2021 we made a church retreat to one of the beautiful amazing rock hill in our area for some prayers. We prayed for so many things including the ongoing Covid-19. We also enjoyed the singing. 


We managed to do all our Fridays Bible Studies throughout the entire month of October, 2021. We studied the book of Phillippians chaper 4. Each participant was able to identify some lessons drawn from the chapter we studied.


The high inflation we are currently experiencing in our nation is now a big problem. This reminds us way back in 2007-2009 when we had a similar high inflation. This problem is now affecting millions of people. Prices of basic comodities had gone up so badly beyond the reach of poor ordinary people. Some business are struggling to survive. As a result there is now too much army robbery going around all corners of country. We need much of your prayers


Brethren we are kindly asking you to join us in prayers for a church stand. Some of our church members do not feel comfortable in meeting in a house for worship. Renting for meeting places are very expensive since all our members are unemployed.


People in our area a now busy working in their fields. We are praying that the Lord may give us some good rains. We are also busy working in our renting church field. We have plenty of maize seeds in our last harvest. The only challenge will be fertilizers.


Mission work and the community we are serving. 

Continue to pray for my wife Esther. She is much doing well.

Lastly we continue giving thanks to you all for the unwavering support and prayers.

With love from Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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September 2021 Update from Nhamo and Esther

We thank God for continuing to enabling us to sail through difficult years since Covid-19 hit the entire world in 2019. The effects of the current Covid -19 is still with us. This is not easy however, we are managing through the providence of God. We are also very humbled brethren by your commitment, prayers and your financial support. May God continue to walk in your midst.


I preached and taught Bible study throughout the entire month of September. I also got one invitation from a sister congregation where I taught about church leadership. Sometimes the community around us asks me to help with preaching during funeral wakes. In September alone I attended three funeral wakes in our community.

On the 18th of September, 2021 I was asked by community chairman to give a short message to a community gathering before they got vaccinated at a community clinic.


My wife and I are planning to start a soup kitchen at our small congregation. Our goal is to win orphans, and vulnerable children to Christ. So do pray for us.


The last two weeks of Septmber, 2021 were busy doing door to door knocking. During this effort, we managed to engage with several new prospects. Last Sunday we had two prospects who came for our Sunday worship. May you please pray for them that the Lord may open their hearts.


We managed to to visit old people's home in our poor community twice during the month of September. I had an opportunity to share the gospel there. But I was so much touched with the hard life which the citizens are facing there. Many sleeps on the cold floor with no proper blankets.


On the 25th of September, we managed to harvest some king onion on our backyard garden. We gave some to our poor members. We are now getting prepared to start ploughing in our renting field. We usually receive our first rain at the end of October.


We want to thank the Lord that the current situation concerning Covid-19 is now much better. Churches are now allowed to meet for worship but with limited number. As i write this about 3 million people in Zimbabwe had been vaccinated.


Please continue to pray for us and our work. Pray also for our leaders in Zimbabwe. Pray for our poor members that they may not loose heart during this difficult time where many survives by doing mini piece works.

In Christ.

Nhamo Mumba 

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August 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther

Dear Brethren

We greet you all in the name of Jesus. We hope our report finds you all in good health. We are now in summer season and we do expect a great decline for Covid-19 cases. 


Despite all the challenges that came with the Covid-19 pandemic,we are thankful to report that July and August were the most worsest difficult months. Covid cases were extremely high as well as deaths. We witnessed some of our fellow preachers succumbed to Covid-19. We failed to fulfill some of our activities as a church. Because of this on going Covid-19, all our ministries are greatly impacted. My wife and i will remain faithful in continuing to serve our poor community and church families despite all the challenges which are being presented by Covid-19. Because of this extra hard work, we continue giving thanks to our dear Lord for his divine protection. 


On the first week of August, 2021 I was busy working in our back yard garden. We also managed to give some of the vegetables to our poor members who does not have backyards garden due to water problem. God willing, tomorrow I will be planting tomatoes in one of the two raised beds which I made yesterday. Our king onion bed is also doing well. 


No door to door knocking has been done in August, 2021 due to lockdown and we are still in lockdown. We are just praying that the lockdown will be uplifted. Cases and deaths has significantly dropped. 


We had been meeting in our home as family for Sunday worship. Then I would make sure that I send my sermon and teaching to every member through WhatsApp or SMS messages. Churches have been told to reopen by the government but as I write this very few churches had opened their doors. The government is saying that all people who attend church services must have been vaccinated twice. Hopefully by mid October, 2021 things will be fine. 


All schools will be reopen on Monday the 6th of September, 2021 and this will bring a big great relief to both parents and the children. 


  1. May you please continue to pray for my wife Esther. She is recovering well from the minor stroke. We are still having a great challenge in terms of physiotherapy fee. Each time she goes for therapy exercise, we need to pay between US $15 to $20. She goes there three days per week. Above all thank you so much for your prayer support. 
  2. Pray for our children as they will be going back to school - for God's divine protection.  
  3. Pray for us and the Lord's work in this difficult time.
  4. Pray for our church members and all the hard time which they are all in due to Covid-19.

Finally, we just want to thank you all for your unwavering support and prayers. Without your support and prayers our mission work could be so difficult.

May the Lord bless you all.

In Christ,

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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July 2021 Report from Nhamo and Esther Mumba

Dear Brethren

Greetings to you in Jesus name. We send our love to all the brothers and sisters at Oregon City.

July was one of the coldest month ever. On the the 3rd of July, 2021 the country was hit by strong frost. More fruit trees, vegetables and other trees in the bush were left dry. The Covid-19 cases and deaths were greatly so high. As I write this report the weather is now getting warmer

Above all we want to continue giving thanks to our dear Lord for his divine protection. The coronavirus war is still on.


We never went out for door to door knocking the whole month due to lockdown. We had lots of chats on the whatsapp with our members as well with our prospects. The Lord blessed us daily with multiple significant conversation with our members. Many of them are in great need of encouragement during this difficult time.


Since we are not being allowed to meet for Sunday worship services due to Covid, every Sunday we met as family for worship. Then i had also to send all our members a sermon every Sunday through Sms (text) as well as whatsapp. On the third Sunday i spoke on Biblical financial principles. I also talked about other aspects of family life and home management. Iam happy to say that many who received my sermon and teachings were greatly blessed.


On the 4th week we visited one of our long friend at his home place. We were the recipients of loving and abundantly generous hospitality as our host gave up their bed for us and made sure we never felt hunger pains and opened up their hearts and lives to us. While there, brother Donald and his wife took us to a rock hill where we spent the whole day praying and fasting. We had time to pray for our nation, our government leaders, for you our supporters as well as the current troubling Covid-19. When we returned back home from our dear friends we really felt so much encouraged.


On the 23rd of July ,2021 we had a nighty prayer at our home with two couples. What I noticed is that the church is doing well spiritually. Please pray that all our members may continue to remain faithfully despite all the challenges which the entire world is facing.


Brethren, i want to thank you all for your prayers for my wife Esther. In my June report,2021 i reported that my wife suffered a minor stroke. She is getting much better though still struggling to uplift up her right leg. Lastly we want to thank you for your prayers and unwavering support. Without your support and love, our work and life as a family could be so hard. May the Lord be with you all.

In Christian love.

Nhamo and Esther Mumba

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