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Ron Writes

In the early fall of 1943 a couple of families rented a building belonging to the Salvation Army and the present Oregon City congregation had its beginning. One of those original members, Ruth Reynolds, still attends here. Within a year the church purchased a building on the corner of 5th and Center in OC. In September of 1968, the church worshiped for the first time at its current location on Warner Milne Rd. The church has blessed the community with many good works and the faithful preaching of God’s Word.

In March 1987, Ron Murphy and his family came to work with the OC church and Ron continues to preach here. This Spring marked the 5th year of Steve Haney serving here as our associate preacher focusing on our youth.

In 2006, the church began an outreach to Spanish speakers in our community. In September 2008, Eduardo Gandara and his family came to serve in this ministry.

The establishment of the church of Christ is recorded in Acts 2. In 33 A.D. Jesus established His church beginning in Jerusalem. Wherever God’s people gather to worship is Jesus’ church. There were disciples on the Oregon Trail during the great migration of 1843. By 1847, there were 10 churches meeting in Oregon including one in Oregon City. The gold rush of 1848 nearly emptied the Oregon Territory. Like many churches in Oregon, the one in Oregon City no longer 
existed. By 1939 there were only 6 churches meeting in the entire state of Oregon. World War 2 brought the third great migration to Oregon and the number of churches once again began to grow. It was during this time that the church began meeting once again in Oregon City.

It's wonderful to be continuously working to fulfill God’s mission in Oregon City for these 80 years.