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Dear Brethren. Calvary greetings to you all in Jesus' name. Hope this report finds you all in good health. Pray for us as we continue preaching the gospel to our people in these difficult times.  


On the first two weeks of April 2024, we were much busy doing door to door knocking in Toyo village. I was moving around with brother Paul Nyatsine. We knocked over 50 houses. We also managed to distribute over 150 tracts. In some homes it was very hard for the prospects to give full attention as we shared the gospel with them due to hunger. Some would have gone for some days without eating proper food.  


On the second week of April 2024, we did follow ups of all the prospects whom we first met on the first week of April. We are happy that three of the prospects are coming for our church service every Sunday. Pray that the Lord will open their hearts to the gospel. 


Our country Zimbabwe is currently facing a difficult time. The economic crisis, unemployment, tight liquidity, and scarcity of food makes it difficult for our people to survive. As a result, we are now seeing an increase in robberies across the whole country. 


From 25th to 27th of April 2024 we had one of the biggest gospel meetings in our province. All the invited guest speakers did a splendid job. The attendance was over 500. All the people who attended were indeed greatly blessed with the sermons that were preached. 


On the 20th of April 2024 we had leadership workshops at our congregation. Brother Nesbert Zvinzveku was our guest speaker, and he did a wonderful job.  


On Monday, the 22nd of April 2024, I visited all our sick members and prayed for them. Many of them are sick in their homes and cannot afford to go to hospitals due to some poor services and hospital fees.  


  • Pray for my family and the mission work we are doing.  
  • Pray for the well project we are currently working on. The fencing has been completed.  
  • Pray for me especially for the need of transport to help me in my mission work. My movements sometimes become so difficult. In our recent gospel meeting I had a lot of struggles to reach there. Public transport was so hard to get. Back where I preach the gospel at times  I fail to reach the sick members in time if they call for emergency. At times if there is a funeral in the village I must walk a long distance on foot to reach the place. And the people will be waiting for me to conduct the funeral service. So, pray for me.  
  • Pray for Peace and Prosper as they will be expecting to return to school next week on Tuesday.  

Thank you for supporting our mission work here in Zimbabwe. Without your support and prayers our mission work would have been so difficult. We do also continue praying for you all 

May the Lord bless you all.   

Your brother in Christ. 
Nhamo Mumba