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Ron Writes

Downstairs on Wednesday nights @ 7pm, we have been “Focusing on God”. What does that mean? We would like to not have a set format and keep things as informal as possible. However, there are certain things we want to do in focusing on God.


First, we want to come to Him in prayer. We want to acknowledge Him as our God, our creator and sustainer. We have a relationship with God, and we share many mutual concerns. Paul says, “we do not know how to pray as we should” (Rom. 8:26). This should be very concerning. Fortunately, the Spirit intercedes in our prayers with groanings too deep for words. Many have asked who does the groaning in this verse, us, or the Holy Spirit? Here it appears that the Holy Spirit is groaning, however back up in vs 23 it says that “we ourselves groan within ourselves.” The cares and concerns of life that we share with one another are also the cares and concerns of God. We mutually groan. Many are the struggles of this life. So, we pray for one another. We raise our concerns and groanings to God for one another.


Koine is Greek for common and is often translated fellowship. There are many things we share in common. One of the greatest things we share is that God works in our lives. How has God answered your prayers? We would like to share how we have seen God working in our lives.


It’s a time to sing! Each week we try to learn at least one new song or work on a song we are just learning. It’s a time for young and old to request songs for us to sing together. Songs that mean something to us. Songs that speak to our hearts and teach one another as we praise God.


It’s a time to visit! Shake hands. Hug. Jesus makes us family. It’s a time to connect with one another. “What a fellowship. What a joy divine – leaning on the everlasting arms.”