Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

In our culture the month of March is where male children are born. I was very busy the whole month. We received showers of rain this month. The first week l preached at a gathering of ladies, our birthdays together with my son Leal was a blessing. The second week l went to Mupudzi church of Christ and teamed up with five preachers. Dr Paul Chimhungwe our former principal at school of preaching lost his wife. Four ladies at Bazel attended their fellowship at Nyakunu church of Christ. Sister Mapindu aged 94 was restored back to the Lord's church. I attended a field day at Br and sister Chadzingwa's home. Br. Takunda came to help me in the garden after he saw the progress. I attended funeral at Mugumisi's home. My sister Christine was blessed with a baby boy this month and our neighbor was blessed the same day. At the end of the month l received the support from January to June.

Sister Mukahanana's grandson Prosper was newly married his wife in an informal way after she got pregnant, in our culture it is applicable. The first day of the month l visited the family as they were eager to see me and counsel them. Prosper was a church member but he turned out as l encouraged him to come back and we prayed together, he is 21 years old.

On the 2nd day l was highly honored when l was given a platform to preach at a multitude of 2000 and before the minister of lnformation senator Monica Mutsvangwa. She was addressing ladies. l preached in the book of proverbs 31. The results was positive and many people accepted the message as l heard people talked about it after three weeks.

Leal is 5yrs old and l am 40, his birthday was on a Saturday mine was Sunday the Lord's day its symbolic, my son Leal will reach 40 in 2058. Instead of going to church we attended funeral at Chimbandinga's home 200m south of our house. A sister to the late Dearson Chimbandinga passed on aged 40yrs. l preached at a gathering of 300 people.   

On the 10th in the morning we saw a message notifying us of the death of Dr Paul Chimhungwe my former principal at Mutare school of preaching's sister Miriam. She is survived by two children in Canada. The arrangements of her burial is at their home in Honde Valley on the 15th and l will be present.

The 10th l went to Mupudzi church of Christ to meet with Br Siwedi, Tiani, Chikuni, Makunike and Mashabha, we divided each other into three. I accompanied Br Tiani and Chikuni we visited four homes including Muzviyo. l saw the love of God. She's lame woman with sugar diabetes and cancer as well. l attended school with one of her daughter Barbara. Br Chikuni taught a lesson. There is a God in heaven who can change things from death to life she explained her biography and the time she spent in the hospital l was humbled and touched we prayed together.

We continued and see a lame man Br Nyamana who fell 20m deep from where they went to mine illegal gold because of the bad situation we are living here. He explained the time he spent in hospital it was a living testimony of his life. l comforted him as he was on the wheel chair my tears were streaming down on my cheek looking his situation the kids are small the wife is not working. We prayed together. We visited Zimuto and Mukangara families as we studied and prayed together, we covered ten kilometers to complete our task l returned back home as they continued with the evangelism.   

On the 12th of this month l saw sister Mapindu came in church on her foot but she took 20 minutes from the gate to the church. She was restored to the Lord after 10 years. l saw her attending other denominational churches but she was promising to come one day and it was fulfilled. The whole church was happy to see her because she took her part in the building of an unfinished church, she gave a permission to the church to mold bricks in her field.

I planted 6 paw paw trees together with Br Chadzingwa at the church site, the fruit is very good to taste. l have them at our house. The baboons liked them a lot and we shared with them. I planted sugar beans at my garden near Odzi river they are doing well, Br Takunda was eager to see what l am doing in the garden. He followed me and helped me to put compound D fertilizer. My solar pump is helping me a lot.

On the 20th I went to Br and sister Chadzingwa's home to witness a field day as she was selected by the officers to be a farmer who planted small grains. The region we are in is suitable for these small grains millet and rapoko. We were encouraged to plant it not maize it requires more water.

I preached the book of John 4:35, psalms 126 :5-6 2Tim3:10,we had a great moment together. The same day I visited Mr Chomonyo a former headmaster at Mushunje primary he was not feeling well as he is a sugar diabetes patient. He was happy to see me, l visited sister Mapindu's home she was happy to see me. l saw the surrounding yard with grass as l promised her to see the youths coming to remove it. I went the second time with my wife with pumpkin leaves and kapenda or dried small fish and squash as well. She was happy to see the gifts we handed out to her.

On the 25th together with my wife we attended funeral at Mugumisi's home the mother died after a poison was put in a drink. The number of people attended were 150.

On the 29th l was invited to preach at a preschool where Leal is attending. They want to travel for a tour in town. l prayed with them thank God they traveled and returned safely.

On the 29th l received a total support from January to June l want to thank Elder John for the effort he did and l thank you all for your love and care you displayed to us. God bless you all.

My sister Christine was blessed with a baby boy on the 30th of this month and she named him Godknows we visited her at my parents home and her husband abandoned her and not employed. l am helping them all. Our neighbor was blessed with a baby boy on the 30th of this month l visited and prayed with them.   

Date Mushunje Bazel
  Att Giving Att Giving
05 5 1    
12 3 1 42 7
19 7 2 44 6
26 5 1 10 3

On the 26th people did not come to church because they were voting for primary elections.

Please do remember us with prayers we are approaching elections in August this year. I want to thank you Brothers and sisters for your support may God bless you all.   

Yours ln Christ,   
Simbarashe Gondo