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Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  


  • We received some showers of rain this month that marked the end of the rainy season.  
  • The first week we constructed three tombstones at home. l attended tombstone placement at Chinyamanhanzva Village.  
  • The second week the church at Bazel gathered at the church site to prepare a place for tomato planting.  
  • The third week we travelled to collect a heavy-duty tent.  
  • The fourth week we held a Manicaland Gospel meeting.  


After a school break my wife continued to teach her grade 7 class, Laura our daughter is her student again. She will sit her final exam in September to October. My wife is working hard to help our daughter as well as her class. Leal and Lowell did not take exams, maybe next term.  

 Three tombstones were constructed at home. Murehwi my father's grandmother, Mueti my grandfather's sisters, and Tariro my sister's daughter. We did the work on the 1st day of the month from morning until sunset. Bro Mukono was invited to do the work but was absent. I performed all the duties and preached for my family as they accepted the message.  

 Together with my wife we were at the church praying on the 6th. During the sun set, a call came from brother Chikono to help him carry his duty at Chinyamanhanzva Village as he was far away. I left the 7th. It was 10km (about 6.21 mi) to and from. We unveiled two tombstones for Abigal and Jacob Manherutse. We were 150 attended and the giving was $25. 

 Bazel members gathered at the church site. Each family occupied 16.64m trench with 32 tomatoes plants that is 0.52m spacing. Last year our tomatoes failed because they refused to water them since few people worked but everyone harvested them. We have changed this year. Each family occupied a space and worked for their own, but we will spray everyone's plants using the church treasury. Our success is a step ahead to the field of tomatoes after a month. The church members worked hard as they accepted the terms and were happy.

During harvest some will be taken home and a tenth is left in the Lord's house. I planted some tomatoes in my garden near the river. They are doing well unfortunately the two pumps are not doing well l first sent a petrol pump to be fixed, then the solar pump later. The petrol pump is smoking too much, and the air filter needs a replacement.  

 The first week the Manicaland gospel meeting committee purchased a heavy-duty tent in South Africa. The third week we paid the full amount. Te 20th l accompanied Bro Kamutambo, Chitendeni, Maga Daire, and sister Mbofana to Chipinge to collect the tent as it travelled by bus to its destination. It was a day we were happy to see our first achievement, the province has 73 churches but only 23 contributed, along with some individuals. Bazel contributed $54. Together with my wife we paid $20. The tent cost $4200. We took it to Dangamvura church of Christ to open and pitch it. Its size is 30×9m. Our next assignment is to buy chairs this year. 2025-26 we need to mobilize people to buy a truck to carry our items.  

 I accompanied Bro Gushure on the 22nd to purchase the beast. We traveled 14km (about 8.7 mi) on foot to and from my home to Chinemawawa home where the beast was. We slaughtered it on the 24th. The bull was young and provided good meat. 700 people were fed and satisfied.  

 From the 25th-28th we went to Chitakatira primary school to hold our fellowship there. 5 people from Bazel attended the fellowship. Others did not attend due to financial issues. I came late to the fellowship due to transport problems. This achievement was a talk by everyone who was at the meeting everyone was in jovial mood. We pray to God for the intervention as we work towards a goal.  

 I want to thank you for the support you gave us, all the fellowship I attended comes from you brethren I am humbled. God bless you all  

Yours in Christ  

 Simbarashe Gondo 

Date Mushunje Bazel
April Att Giving Att Giving
 7 3 1 45 7
14 4 2 35 6
21 7 1 56 8