Dear Brethren.

Christian greetings to you all in Jesus’ name. It is my sincere hope that this report  finds you all in good health.


On the first week of October  2023, we have been doing knocking doors and setting up and conducting Bible studies with our both new and old prospects. We had two restorations as a result of this effort.


During second  week of October, we had follow up work with the first contacts made in the first week. We also continued to knock doors as we as distributing more English tracts. Many people are extremely hungry to hear the gospel though many of these people are going through a difficult time due to the hunger experienced in most parts of the country. Pray that we may have good rain this year.


On the third week I had an opportunity of visiting a farm prison with brother Nesbert Zvinzveku. We enjoyed a great time of sharing the gospel to both the staff as well as to the prisoners. We managed to distribute several booklets called the voice of truth.


Mary Guta had been caring for her old father, John Guta, for the  last few years. We are sad to say that John passed on last week on Saturday evening. He was 93. Please pray for comfort for the Guta family.


As I write this report, we continually face more challenges as before. Life is becoming so difficult for many ordinary Zimbabweans. The health care systems has dilapidated as more government hospitals can no longer provide basic medications to patients. The economic situation is getting worse. Since the August election, the country only gets power during night times. We really need your prayers as we continue preaching the gospel to a country where many people's hearts are broken.


I preached three Sundays and taught Bible class to adults. Our average attendance for the month of October ranged from 18 to 22. Our average giving was 40 dollars.


  • Pray for our struggling nation.
  • Pray for our mission work.
  • Pray for our struggling church members. 
  • I would also like you to remember me and my family. We are seriously having accommodation challenges. Currently we live in a rented accommodation and it's becoming difficult as a big family. We are praying that the Lord may help us so that we may have our own permanent accommodation.

Above all, we just want to  thank you for your financial support and prayers. We do also continue praying for all of you. May the Lord bless you.

In Christ

Nhamo Mumba