Dear Brethren,

It is our sincere prayer that this report finds you all in good health. The Lord has been so good to us during the entire month of February, 2023 though we are still experiencing challenges as a family. Above all we want to thank the Lord for giving us people like you, who always encourage us as well as supporting us in our mission work.


On the visit week of February 2023, I visited the farm prison at Nyazura and shared the gospel to both the staff as well as to some prisoners. While there, I learnt that working in the jail ministry is not for everyone. Sometimes we must step out of our comfort zone and test the water. It takes faith. It takes the willingness to do God's will to teach the gospel in unfamiliar and sensitive environment. You need to be prepared for the change it will make in your life as you help to change the lives of others.


On the 2nd week of February,2023 we continued with our door to door knocking. We had a great opportunity to talk to several people about Jesus. Each knock that we did was an awesome experience. As we taught the simple story of God's love-of the wonderful salvation through the gospel of the cross. We managed to distribute tracts with different lesson titles such as scriptual baptism, undenominational christanity, let the Bible speak as well as Reasons to Believe in Jesus as God's Son.


On Saturday the 18th of February 2023, we had a one day prayer session as a church. We went to a solitary place where we had our singing, reading of the Bible, and prayer time. We prayed for the church there, peace between Ukraine and Russia, brethren who had been displaced and lost their relatives in the recent earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.


Third week we had an opportunity to revisit all our prospects in their homes. We taught them the Bible and some were able to ask us some different questions and answered them. Please be praying for these people that the Lord will open their hearts to the gospel.


On the 4th week, I visited several sick elderly people in their homes. Many of these sick people are not members of the church.  Many of these sick people expressed their gratitude thanks for visiting them. I was much touched by one of the elderly men in his 70 years, saying, "Our church minister does not have any time to visit the sick. I have been sick for almost seven months now but I have not seen our church minister setting his foot in my house." He went on to say, "Our church minister loves those who have money."  
I was really so much touched with his words.


We met for our Bible study twice during the month of February, 2023. Some failed to attend due to some rain storms as well as the cold weather.


I preached twice on the first two weeks. I also taught Bible class to adults. Then on third and fourth week,we had two visited preachers who taught Bible class as well as preaching. Our average attendance for the month was 15 to 16 and our giving was $35. 00.


  • Pray for our economy which has declined so badly.
  • My children's needs towards their education.
  • My need for a bicycle to use for evangelism work.
  • Pray for one of our prospects Tafadzwa Mlambo a 26 year old young man. He was in an horrific head on collision accident. The car which he was driving was damaged beyond repair. Some of his friends who was in his car were serious injured while the driver on the other car died on sport. This happened when he was returing home from basketball tournment. Please pray for him since is he is still in hospital.  

Once again thank you for your prayers and love for our mission work.  

Your brother.

Nhamo Mumba and family