Dear Brethren.

Christian greetings to you all in Jesus name. It is my hope and prayer that this report finds you all in good health.


On the first week of January 2024, I teamed up with 3 men from our congregation and went into the community doing door to door knocking. We thank God that two people were restored to church as a result of this great effort. We distributed several English tracts which I trust is going to bear more fruits.


On the the 2nd week of January, we continued with these men doing follow ups to all our new converts as well as to some backsliders. Iam happy to report that we had three restorations.   


On third week of January 2024, I attended three funerals. I want to thank one of our headman Mr Nyati for asking me to preach the gospel on two of these 3 funerals. The deceased person did not have churches were they were attended. But I am happy to say that the two families of the deceased people are now coming attended our Sunday services. We are also teaching them the gospel and hoping that one day they are going to decide to be baptized. Pray that God will open their hearts to the gospel which we are teaching them.


Zimbabwe is currently battling with cholera that has so far claimed more than 100 lives while more than 300 others are suspected to have succumbed to water bone disease. As of January 2024, our nation reported 18865 suspected cholera cases. We had 10 cases in our village. Please pray for us.


In the month of January 2024, we saw a lot of political tensions in our country and a record of breaking drought turns into catastrophic floods in Harare as well as in Bulawayo. We watched in horror as many families found themselves facing impossible choices at the brink of starvation. Hunger crisis is enormous but God is bigger and we are sure of what he called us to do. We have work ahead and we are honoured to do it with your prayers and support.


I preached twice during the month of January 2024 and taught adults Bible class throughout the entire month. Brother Zumbika also preached twice. Our average church attendance for January 2024 rose from 18 to 25. Our giving is still a big challenge as most of our members are unemployed and they depend on agriculture once every year. Our contribution for the month of January was 35 dollars. 


Pray for our mission work as well as our struggling nation. We are likely going to have refresh elections in June this year.

Above all, I also want to thank God for giving us brethren like you. You always bring joy and smile to our mission work for your financial and prayer support.

May the Lord bless you all.

The servant of Jesus Christ.

Nhamo Mumba