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Ron Writes

Last week I began sharing some lessons that I was reminded of dealing with open-heart surgery. There is more than I have time to write about. I didn’t have time to write about assurances in the Bible, the importance of the church, empathy and sympathy we learn for others, or the importance of counting our blessings because there are many. These are just some of the low hanging fruit.

The love of strangers

You are often required to put a lot of trust in the care and skill of complete strangers. My primary caregiver told me that there were probably about 5 sets of hands that touched my heart. Some of these folks I never even met. Of course, they get paid well for their hours of schooling, training, and practice, but there’s usually more. I’ve seen what nurses do and I don’t want their job. You couldn’t pay me enough. It doesn’t take long to realize that these strangers are motivated by more than money. Without a heart of compassion, these caregivers wouldn’t last long.

Life is a gift.

This life is a blessing, but it comes with an expiration date. Saying we have good health simply means we’re dying at the slowest rate possible. God has not abandoned us. He promises us an eternal life with Him. An “inheritance,” “no tears,” “no sadness,” ‘no pain,” “no death,” are all ways God describes our future. God reminds us that the best is yet to come.