Dear Brethren. Greetings to you in Jesus name. Hope this report finds you all in good health. We do also ask for  your prayers as we are currently facing a hard time in our nation  due to the current drought situation which is affecting all countries in the southern Africa


On the first week of March 2024,brother Zumbika and I visited Nhedzwa village for door to door knocking. We knocked over 40 homes in six days. We met different people whom we taught about salvation and God’s love for his people. At times we walked for about 6km to reach the next home. We managed to distribute more English tracts which I hope will be of great help to whom we had an opportunity to share the gospel.


As from 28th  to 31st of March 2024 there was a gospel meeting in Pretoria, South Africa. We had more than 100 people including the preachers who went for that gospel meeting. We are told that everything went very well, and many people were being blessed with the sermons that were being preached,


Brethren, we are continuing appealing for your prayers. This year's drought situation is said to be one of worst since 1992. People are struggling to prepare even a single meal per day.  Some school children just wake up early in the morning to go to school with empty stomach.


On the third week I visited several sick people both our church members and those one in the community. Many are dying due to lack of medication as very few people are managing to go to hospital due to poverty.


On the 4th week  of March  2024  I and brother Zvinzveku visited Nyazura prison. We had an opportunity to preacher both to the staff and prisoners. Many of these prisoners were eager to hear the gospel and requested for some Bible booklets.


  • I preached three Sundays and taught adult Bible class.
  • Brother Zumbika preached one Sunday.
  • Our average attendance for the month was 22-25.
  • Our average contribution for the month of March  was £35 dollars after converted from Zimbabwean dollars.


  • Pray for my family and the work we are doing.
  • Please pray also for our struggling church members. Many have no food to eat with their children.
  • Pray for our leaders in our country. They seem not to care for the people.     

We are also praying for you and your families. Thank you also for supporting us financially and for your love for the mission work in Zimbabwe.

You brother in Christ.

Nhamo Mumba