Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

January 2024 was different from years back; The rain was calm without violence.

  • We finished the ring beam.
  • At the end of the week six people perished on the road, which left the residents in Bazel in fear.
  • Sister Chino'no is no longer worshiping with us.
  • We faced a challenge of Antichrist men.
  • Together with my wife we visited the church members who were sick and bereaved.
  • Laura is doing well in her grade 7 final primary level.

The climate has changed rapidly, our rainy season started in September and will last until April. We planted crops in December. January this year was a little bit different. It was rainy and our crops failed to produce this month especially on flowering level. I planted maize in the garden and l have hope that the harvest will be good since l use a pump when it is very hot. I planted crops at the church yard and at a place l was offered by Sister Mukahanana.

The first three days of the week we completed the ring beam together with Mr Chidzikwe, the one who finished our house. He's fast, considerate and sociable. He's dedicated to the work with all his heart. Together with the church we contributed 70 dollars for the labor to  pay our builder. The church assisted him. Everyone was happy to see the progress we had achieved, and our borehole water helped us a lot. Our goal this year is to reach the gable stage, God willing.

Mushunje Primary lost 4 teachers in an accident, which occurred 22miles from Mutare Town and 10km North of Bazel. A female teacher from Mushunje, a resident in Bazel, Mrs. Mapamula, was carrying 17 people in her twin cab Mazda. They were on the T junction when a 30-tonne truck came from behind and struck them as it had lost some brakes. The car was damaged beyond recognition and 5 died on the spot while one died at the hospital. It was three hours before the rest were rescued. Those who did not survive died a painful death. Mrs Chikuni, a resident in Bazel and a teacher at Shundure secondary died on the spot.

We stayed near her house until she was buried on Sunday the 7th. The people who attended were 3000. She was a member of the United Methodist church. She left a husband and three sons Kudzai, Kudakwashe, a medical doctor student, and Kundai. The people in Bazel were speechless when learning what happened and left with fear. The driver was not injured, not even a scratch.

Sister Chino'no was assigned to lock and close the church gate. At first, she was doing it right, but she changed her attitude and decided not to do as assigned because she was following the Antichrist men Mukono and Mututsa. They came from Dora, 40 km north of Bazel, to start the work in Bazel 200m from our church using the church of Christ name. They were disfellowshipped in Sakubva church of Christ. They source funds abroad and distributed handouts to people, but they preach against the church of Christ nearby. Now they are preaching and blaming us that we misused the funds and squander it, so they said, “We are the true church.”

Church members who are not strong will be taken. These men lack education, they are adulterers and only worship when there's goods to distribute. Without any they close the church on Sunday. They kill the work within a short space of time. In your prayers do remember us we are in tempting times. They visited me on Thursday the first week pretending to buy something then they introduced themselves and wanted us to conglomerate, but l refused. On the 14th, they came to church after service, but l sent them away and told them to mind their work. l know their evil deeds they practice. We ask God to intervene because they kill the work. I strongly warn the church members to be wise and careful and to hold fast to what they have believed.

Together with my wife we visited sister Masere who came from where she was taken care of by her sister in Dora village 40 km north of Bazel. She was happy to see us as she expressed herself. We visited sister Mapindu 89 years old once every week. We spent the whole day with her, we visited sister Mukahanana and comforted her at the loss of her daughter. We visited sister Chitsiku and strengthened the family as they are new converts. We visited sister  Kuwaza as she was planning to place a tombstone of her son Takudzwa who died on the 4th of January 2023.

Laura is completing grade 7 this year and will move on to a secondary school next year. Together with my wife we are saving 150 dollars every month for her form one boarding school, she might perform well in her schooling. Lowell is in grade 4. He has changed greatly in his work. Leal is in grade one and Lester is staying with my parents.

Our maid left for schooling in Harare. l faced a challenge with my phone, but my wife brought it for me on credit to pay 20 dollars every month for a year. I no longer have a problem in communication.

I want to thank you for your love you showed to support us may the love of God continue to guide you. Be blessed always.

Yours in Christ

Simbarashe Gondo


Date Mushunje Bazel
  Att Giving Att Giving
7 4 1    
14 3 1 45 8
21 6 1 52 7
28 5 2 43 6