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Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.   

In normal rainfall seasons we received early rains end of October but due to the climate change rains fall in December. This year the rain falls first week of the month.

The first week church ladies attended a fellowship in town, I was not feeling well the first and second week. The second week a team of preachers gathered for an evangelism at 12miles east of Mutare town. The third week I visited Dr Mugweni twice to confirm his presence at our opening project ceremony. The fourth week was final preparation of the fencing and borehole ceremony.   

Three ladies from Bazel including sister Chin'ono, Mandianike and my wife Memory attended fellowship at Chikanga church of Christ in Mutare town on the 5th of this month . This a program for rural and urban church ladies to be held once every month with the mission of uplifting the souls. My wife was selected to present a lesson about conflict management. She did an exceptional work as comments extended my hearing, they were 350 attended.

On the 6th Br Manyanhaire, his wife and kids paid us a visit to his home congregation. He is a preacher at Mazowe church of Christ, we were blessed with his message in the book of John 14:6. His son is talented in singing aged 12 years old. After the sermon we were shocked to receive heavy rainfall with much wind, our shed could not protect us well as we went home with wet clothes, we ate the Lord's supper standing as the water was floating around the church.   

On the 7th and 10th I went to see the physiotherapist after my left back was pickling to a point that to breath in and out was a challenge. I am happy that my problem can be solved by the machine they use and stretching it requires much money but it is better to have a good health. At the moment I am recovering.

On the 11th - 13th 8 preachers including Br Marunga, Siwedi, Tiyani, Machema, Gushure, Chimanga, Mafukidze and I spent all our time preaching at Piki area where Br Chimanga stayed doing God's work. Our mission was to strengthen the church members and to seek and serve the lost. We planted the word of God we hope to hear the germination. We divide the team by two as we moved as far as 14km on Saturday to see one of my former church member at Bazel sister Janasi. She was happy to see me after we last met at Bazel in 2017. I am happy I baptized her and still faithful in the Lord. Br Chimanga is doing a great job in this area but his wife is a victim of sugar diabetes and BP, they need $30 every month to buy medication, they survive with the garden but as I see them they need help, together with my wife we helped them with $20.

We had a great service on Sunday we were 250 attended and the giving was $34. I was singing through out as the people appreciated all my efforts. It was a great moment it strengthen my work also.   

The third week I wrote three letters of invitation to the Village Head, Chief and Counselor of the community to be present on the 27th and their reply was very positive. I visited Dr Mugweni at first day on Monday to confirm his presence but I was shocked to see him in a difficult time as he was not feeling well. He was admitted the late Saturday as he was unconscious not knowing what was going on. I prayed for him as I see him to be absent on our special day we set. I came back on Thursday to see him but he was still not recovering as he advised me that someone will take his position and I accepted.

The church members was happy to see the developments which was on the plan to be completed, they allowed me to plant maize this year as we are preparing to plant tomatoes as a church and sell for church development. This season I planted 150 potato plants 2kg maize seeds in my garden near Odzi river. I need to put 4kg maize seeds at the church site and 5kg maize seeds at my usual field which I was given by sister Mukahanana to use her land.

This year the rain is falling and we hope to see changes.    The Lord blessed us with showers of rain in the morning on the 27th of this month. We thought our program was going to be disturbed as I take my tent and extend the church shed. The Lord stopped the rain, church members came as far as Mutasa, Chikanga, Dangamvura, Sakubva, Chitakatira, Piki, Derembwe, Maruru, Mupudzi, Nyakunu, Chinyamanhazva, Mushunje. The community at Bazel was present. At the program we set the time to speak for the village head, chief and counselor, we saw the hand of God, the chief and village head motivated the people as they pledged $10 and $5 respectively, people donated their pledges until we reached a total of $153 for church construction . The Bible School representative were present as Br Gushakusha my lecturer preached and Br Nenzou song lead, Br Kamutambo presiding at the Lord's table. They were 20 preachers present to support the event. Dr Mugweni was not present. He send Elder Gwazaza former preacher at Mutare school of preaching, a preacher at Dangamvura to officially open the borehole on your behalf. It was an unforgettable event as the Bazel community was left with nothing to say. We organized this event to appreciate Oregon city church of Christ. Your love you showed to us. This is a legacy you gave us for the next generation to come.


Attendance and Giving - November

Date Mushunje Bazel
  Att Giving Att Giving
06 3 1 45 10
13 6 2 24 6
20 7 1 52 12
27     500 211

I want to thank you for your support.   

Yours ln Christ   

Simbarashe Gondo   


Photo by Sammy Wong on Unsplash