Truth corresponds to reality. God is the ultimate reality! Yet, over half (52%) of Americans who call themselves “Christian” say there is no absolute truth. This corresponds to our culture where the majority of Americans (67%) say there’s no objective truth.

Rejection of God, His ways and His people is not new. Stephen’s sermon in the book of Acts is all about rejection. God’s people, the “patriarchs” rejected Joseph. They disowned Moses and turned to idols. They rejected the prophets who spoke of a deliverer. And they rejected, betrayed and killed Jesus, “the Righteous One.” At the conclusion of Stephen’s sermon, he too was rejected and killed. The real shocker is that this rejection was by those who claimed to be religious leaders.

I like the meme “the crowd chose Barabbas not because they loved him, but because they hated the Truth!” Christians embrace truth. We embrace Jesus as “the way, the truth and the life.” Truth is narrow. It’s exclusive. That shouldn’t be confused as unloving, or hateful of others. Jesus came for the very ones who rejected Him. He did it with love and sacrifice. He was rejected because He claimed to not only define truth, but to be Truth! Truth is intolerant.
Our culture allows you to believe any truth you want, as long as it’s not intolerant.

The world and the multiplicity of world religions don’t hate Christians because we reject them, but because we embrace truth. In fact, Christians need to stop emphasizing what’s wrong with others, and emphasize why we embrace Jesus as the Truth. They’ll still reject us, but at least it will not be a rejection of us, but a rejection of Truth.