Christian greetings to you all brethren. We hope and trust that this report finds you all in good health.                 


It was hot throughout the entire month of September, 2022. Many of the farmers are now preparing their fields awaiting the raining season. We understand the country is already struggling to feed the starving people. Pray that the Lord may give us more rains this year.                                         


life in Zimbabwe is generally becoming too tough and characterized by high unemployment, power cut shortages, high rate of robbery due to high unemployment. Poverty is rife and the population is battling to make ends meet. Most people in my poor community survive by 'hustling' -buying and selling whatever they can lay their hands on. Generally, it is common to see women sitting at shopping area or moving around in homes carrying baskets full of lemons, vegetables or tomatoes trying to sell. Some gather wild fruits pick from surrounding bushes while some pick up used plastics bags and wash them for reselling. In town men beg to clean your vechicle for a small fee. Despite all these hardships, we still soldier on preaching the gospel, comforting and pray for the affected people.


On the first two weeks of September, 2022 we were busy doing our door to door knocking. We thank God that most of the people we met were all eager to give their time in listening to the God's word. Some had requested us to revisit them. Pray that the Lord may open their hearts to the gospel.


On the 18th of September, 2022 I was invited to go and preach at Mhembwe Church of Christ a congregation I once preached for from 2012 to 2015. I had a wonderful time meeting with entire congregation after a long time. I taught adult Bible class and preached on main service.


We had a quite a big number of funerals which I attended during a month under review. Most of these funerals were of our young people had been killed in South Africa. We have a big number of Zimbabweans working in South Africa.               


During the month of September, we had some rotations in the homes of our members for a Bible study. We had been studying the book of Acts 8 through chapter nine.


I preached for three Sundays and taught Bible class. Our average attendance for the month was 12 to 14. Our giving was $20 USD plus $1000 Zim dollars which equivalent to $1. 50 .


  • Pray for my son Prosper who started writing his final graden seven exams on the 26th of September to the 10th of October.
  • Pray for our mission work as well as our country leaders
  • pray for the upcoming general election next year for peace.

Above we want to thank you for your prayers,love and support for our mission work in Zimbabwe.     

Yours in Christ.

Nhamo and Esther Mumba